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I am Selena :: big wave, Hi :: and I am the author of this here wonderful blog (snort). The guy in the picture below, that is my super smart, sexy hubby, Carlton, whom I married on a rather warm (for my tastes) Nov. day in 2008. That little (well big now) bundle I am holding is our wonderful daughter, Addison. You will see a lot of pictures and info about her on this blog. No so much about me because, well I HATE pictures of me and I am not even close to as cute or interesting as she is!
I started this blog as a way to deal with and express the emotions and sadness that came from losing my first pregnancy to miscarriage. Shortly after my miscarriage we became pregnant with the little one below and it just naturally progressed to a pregnancy and now baby/family and photography blog.
I am in the process of trying to learn as much about photography as I can. I find it fascinating and I love all the memories you can capture through a lens. I love meeting new people and learning from them. I am excited to expand my skills and my equipment bag!!
I also love coffee (almost as much as my daughter), animals (that is why we have so many), food, the fair, cold weather, and being a SAHM and all that it entails.
Want to know more, just ask!