Ellison's newborn pictures: 1 week

Here is my little man at 1 week old. He was a bit more difficult than some of my other newborn clients. Maybe it was because I am his momma and he just didn't want to settle for me. I did manage to get a few good ones. Now I just have to pick out a newborn announcement and what picture I'm going to use for it!

He is here!

Ellison Gibson Stoney arrived on October 1st at 8:46pm weighing 8lbs 11ozs and measuring 20.5 inches long.
From arrival at the hospital to birth was 4 hours and 45 mins and he came out after 2 pushes. He was very bruised from the fast arrival but otherwise was wonderful.
We are in love with him already and he has been a fairly easy baby so far (hope I don't jinx myself!)
His big sister Addison is doing great with him and wants to help with everything and loves him so much!