Addison's hair routine: ie dealing with mixed race hair

So I have had a few people inquire about how I wash/deal with Addison's hair. Since I clearly didn't know a thing about mixed race hair when I started it has been a learning process. I did a lot of research and a lot of trial and error. It seems like as soon as I find something I think is working her hair texture or dryness level changes on me. I have had quite a few conversations with people in the middle of Target and online about what to do with her hair or what works best for them. So I figured I would document what we do right now and maybe it will help someone out.

So this is Addison's hair about a week after her last wash. I found that if I tried to wash her hair anymore than one a week it got really dry no matter what I put on it. So we don't wash/comb/or pull back her hair in between washings.

These are the things we are using in her hair at the moment. I was using other stuff (mixed chicks and curlz) but this seems to be more moisturizing for her hair.
Her hair just does not seem to want to stay wet, it takes a while to get it wet and then it still stays tightly curled even after I wet it.
Now it is shampoo time. She is usually not too happy about having her hair washed or really touched at all but of course she decided to ham it up for the camera. Crazy kid!

Once I rinse out the shampoo her hair seems to be a bit more relaxed. At least it is all wet at this point.

Now I just work in a good amount of conditioner in her hair. I try and sorta comb my finger through it to get some of the bigger knots and tangles out before I actually start brushing. I let the conditioner sit on her hair for a minute or 2 before I bring out the comb. This is usually when she starts to get angry because she knows what is coming.

Then it is brush time. I always section her hair into little sections to brush it and I hold it close to the scalp while I am untangling it so I don't pull it. She still hates it but I does seem to make it hurt less. The back of her head is always the worst, it gets really knotted and she gets really angry when I start to work on that part. I usually try to have someone else in the bathroom to distract her while I brush so she sits still and so I can work faster.
I guess the knotting comes from her car seat and just rubbing in general although she never sleeps on her back so I would imagine it would be way worse if she did.
All brushed out! I only ever use a wide tooth comb on her hair and I only brush it when it is wet with conditioner in it. Her hair is actually pretty long but it curls back up the moment you brush it. She has some seriously tight curls going on!
Now I put in the smoothie after I squeeze out the excess water in her hair. I then brush it through with the comb. I don't ever really use a towel on her hair. Sometimes when I am getting her out and drying her off I might put it over her head and squeeze some of the water out but I never ever rub her hair with a towel. That makes for a big old mess!
This is how it looks right after she is dressed. Even after I put the smoothie in it curls up even more to her head. Then we let it air dry for at least 3-4 hours. We make sure not to have to go anywhere in the car so she doesn't rub her head on the car seat.
Finally after 3 hours of drying. In between washing I do have a curl refresher spray that I spray on my hands and sorta scrunch in her hair in the mornings. It is by curlz and I get that at Target too. Otherwise we do not do anything to her hair between washings. I try not to get it wet when she has her baths any other time. It does get frizzy in between but the curl refresher does help a bit.
So that is my child's hair routine. Please feel free to tell me how you deal with your child's hair and what has worked and hasn't worked for you. Like I said it is definitely a trial and error and a big learning process.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 7/29

I have been so behind on my blogging and visiting. This pregnancy has zapped all my energy! I did manage to get this weeks SHS up and that is a big accomplishment for me at this point.

Paint ~
This is as close as we get to paint in this toddler household!
Green ~
We have been trying to do things to stay cool and keep entertained so we got a year membership to our aquarium. Addison loves it!
This fish tank was glowing a strange green color and Addison was thoroughly impressed with it.
Eyelashes ~
jellyfish eyelashes?!
Shapes ~
Lots of fun underwater shapes!
Clouds ~
A church in downtown


Oh boy her dimples just kill me. I really hope her brother gets lucky and gets some too!

pool fun on the 4th

We had a pretty good 4th. We had an impromptu get together with a few of our neighbors for a little kiddo pool fun and a cookout. The kids spent hours splashing around in the pool while the adults sat around and sweated and talked. then we all pooled together and had a cookout and pretended not to notice the 50 million flies that tried to invade the fun. I did have my camera out at the beginning but I was a little scared of the amount of splashing going on so I put it up and just enjoyed most of the evening.
Not to mention that Addison was not to keen on having her photo taken.

A good time all in all.


Baking a cake at grandma's house. She looks pretty confused as to what she is suppose to do.

big girl!

We have had a big change in our house in the past week. Addison was moved into her "big girl" toddler bed. I was a little nervous about it but Addison has always done really good with any changes that we have done. She did great transitioning from bottles, getting rid of pacis, so I was hoping she would do just as well and she didn't disappoint. She was excited and climbed right in and laid down and went right to sleep. No getting up, no crying and she has done great every time.
Now we just has to work to her actual big bed since we have to get it out of the baby boy's room before he arrives.
So proud of her big girl bed!