Bee City visit

We had been wanting to take Addison to Bee City for a while now. Luckily in June they are open more days than they are in the winter and spring so we got to go finally. It was a ton of fun and Addison loved all the animals and the train! We will defiantly be going back again, soon hopefully.
Riding the pig while Daddy rides the dinosaur

Feeding the deer.

They have a bunch of different species of monkeys, some are nicer than others and you can hand feed them!

She really loved the train they had to play in.

computer time

Well it seems I can never find the time to sit down and do a full blog post so I think I am going to try a new thing and put up a few photos here and there and put a few words about it and then hopefully I can get some actual posts up!
Addison and Daddy getting some work done on the computer

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 6-10

Finally I am back to SHS. I know I keep saying this but this pregnancy has kicked my bootie. I have less than 0 energy to do anything but what I have to. Therefore photography for myself has taken a back seat to say taking a nap or going to bed early.

Travel ~
This family traveled all the way from Texas to have a week at the beach.

 Silly ~
Silly girl trying to put on daddies shoes.

 Black and White ~

 Spots ~
A seagull with some spots on his head, he was trying to get our snacks.

 Paper ~
A very exciting focus test I did for my lens.

Addison's little gym graduation

Addison had her graduation from the Little Gym for the school season this past week. The Little Gym is the only thing she does that is structured and she really loves it. We have play dates with other kids but this is the only place she has to follow someone elses directions and interact with other kids on her own (of course I am with her in class too). We are keeping Addison out of preschool until at least 3 maybe 4 so this is her chance to interact and follow directions from people other than family. We are continuing with the Little Gym over the summer and the next school year also. She loves it and it has really helped her with her physical assertiveness. She is not a climber/jumper and tends to be very cautious and this has helped her in the respect

I think most of the kids in her class have also signed up for the same class we are doing over the summer and next school year so she will get to have her friends around for a while more.