I can not believe that my baby girl is going to be 2 years old today! I haven't really written out a post about how I feel about her turning another year old because I don't think I have fully processed it yet.
I can say that I love her more that I ever though was possible and I never knew what I was missing until she showed me.

I love you so much boogie and I am so lucky that I get to be your mom!
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge
entering last photo in challenge

WW: visiting Middleton

We decided one day to get out of the house and head to a local plantation here (Middleton Place) in town that we have been wanting to take Addison too. They had a bunch of animals and with how much she loves animals we knew she would love it.

We had alot of fun and Addison mostly had a good time. For some reason she was scared of the peacock even though it was just calmly walking around so she kept looking over her shoulder in case it came up on her. A lot of the animals all roam around free so everywhere we went they were running around. The guinea fowl were literally running everywhere and were clearly not scared of people at all. She thought they were peacocks too so I'm pretty sure that is what she was actually scared of.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 4/22

This weeks hunt is brought to you courtesy of our trip to Middleton Place Plantation a few weeks back. I have been meaning to get these photos edited but I really just haven't had the energy. We had a lot of fun and Addison just loved all the animals they have there.

Yellow ~
Cute duck that was laying in the sun. Love the yellow around his eye.

Something that makes me smile ~
Well of course my crazy child always makes me smile but this picture in particular because all of a sudden she has decided that she needs to show her belly to everyone and we are trying to teach her that she needs to keep her shirt down in public. I think it is backfiring on us because now she does it all the time and laughs like a crazy kid every time. She loves being defiant. She is going to be a hand full I fear.

Ancient ~
Not really sure if this is actually ancient but it looks that way!

Splash ~
I am pretty sure this gator was ready to take a splash at any moment.

In the Sun ~
These guys were enjoying basking in the sun.

Easter (really late)

So I know I am really late getting my Easter post up. For Easter we went to visit my parents in Beaufort and went to their church and then had dinner and went for a boat ride.
This is the only shot of got of Addison in her Easter getup. I don't know why I didn't think if getting a better one. She was playing with her new kitchen stuff that she got in her Easter basket.

Waiting for the boat with Grandma. This was her first boat ride and she was really enjoying it at first, we went slow for a while and then she wanted to go faster so we did and somehow we ended up running up on sandbar and she freaked out. She was not happy and was ready to be all done.

No my mom was not trying to throw her over, she wanted to touch the water, she thought that was really fun.
She got to drive the boat with Papa which she really enjoyed.

Baby #2 week 13 update

How far along:
Well I'm actually 14 weeks tomorrow but in the photo I was 13 weeks.
How big is the baby:
The size of a lemon, 3 inches and 1.5 ozs
Total weight gain:
None I've actually lost weight I'm down 4 lbs right now from my pre weight
Okay, I have started having some nighttime heartburn that wakes me up and I think I need to get some new pillows so I can sleep more comfortably.
Best moment of the week:
Going to visit my parents for Easter and getting to go on Addison's first boat ride.
Food cravings:
Chocolate milk and red meat.

Food aversions:
Chicken in any form I just can not stomach it.
Still having some vomiting, even with my medicine. I really wish it would go away soon! I have started having some heartburn and some ligament stretching pains.
Still don't know, I think a girl but I have been having some strange boy dreams.
What I'm looking forward too:
I can't wait til my next dr appt.
What I miss:
sushi and beer at the moment
Next appointment:
On Addison's 2nd birthday April 27th!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ Happy Easter!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend. Addison and I are off to my parents house to celebrate Easter, unfortunately Carlton has to work so he doesn't get to share in the festivities.

New ~
So apparently we have a tree in our yard that is the breeding ground for these really gross looking bugs. We asked a neighbor who is in school for biology with a emphasis in Entomology and he said they looked like crickets?
Whatever they are they are yuck looking and there are so many of them.

Life ~
A bunch of caterpillars at different stages of life.

Fragrant ~
If you have ever dyes eggs you know they have a not so pleasant fragrance.

Pink ~
Okay I know this is a stretch but there is one pink egg in the mix :)
Obvious  ~
Well obviously......

WW: Mommies model

I had a real estate stock photo gig for a big neighborhood development team here in town and along with the photos of the houses and neighborhood they wanted a few at one of the parks in the development with a "model". No better model than my little one. Here are just a few of the shots of her playing.