Baby #2 at 11 weeks

How far along:
Finally got a good measurement at the doctor the other day and they changed my due date (which I knew had to be more correct) to Oct 12th so I am 11 weeks 6 days today.
How  big is the baby:
According to my baby tracker on my phone the size of a large plum (2.5 inches .5 ozs)
Total weight gain:
Actually I lost 4 lbs since my last visit. I'm not really suprised since I spent a good portion of it puking and now that I can eat, even if I am hungry as soon as I start eating I feel horrible and have to stop. I had this same thing with Addison and it does go away after a while.
On and Off. I will have one really bad night (thanks to some back/hip pain and the horrible nightmares that I had the last time with Addison too. But then the next night I guess I am so tired that I fall asleep and sleep pretty good. I still seem to have a problem falling back asleep when I wake up at night.
Best moment of the week:
Seeing our little baby on the ultrasound! I was so relieved to see the little one moving around. I never had to go so long between ultrasounds with Addison (because of my past history and because my doctor let me come in more often). I don't feel as stressed about this pregnancy so that is good but it is still stange to have to go 5 weeks without knowing everything is okay in there! It was still difficult for my doctor to get a good photo because apparently I have a tilted uterus and the baby is near the back so she had to do a lot of manuvering to get the whole baby in view. She even tried a abdominal ultrasound but said it wasn't any easier that way.
Food cravings:
It has been fruit and juice this week, and of course bread and for some strange reason seafood (but as soon as I started eating it I got nauseous and stopped).
Stoney spawn #2 at 11w 2 days acording to measurements.
Food adversions:
Still chicken, yuck! Also I was eating green beans the other night and the texture made me sick so no more green beans for a while. It is alot about texture right now, even if I like the food if something about the texture is gross I can't eat it.
Still really bad nausea and constipation, and some hip and back pain but not as bad as I know it is going to get. I have also been having some headaches but that could be from the nausea meds.
Not yet
What I'm looking forward too:
Our next appt (which is on Addison's 2nd birthday) and then finding out the gender!
What I miss:
Being able to eat without feeling naseous and sushi!
Next appointment:
April 27th

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Quarterly Top 5

Here are my Top 5 photos of Addison from Jan to March!
From our trip to the Grand American in Jan.

Helping me try out one of my new backdrops and being silly of course! (Jan)

At the park (Feb)

Picking flowers (well weeds) enjoying the early spring weather (March)
A photo from her Birthday invite photo session (March)


First days of spring

Things are in bloom around here, of course they have been for weeks now, but now it is official, it is going to be a super hot summer around here since it is already in the mid 80s.

Addison has been enjoying all the flowers (weeds) in our yard. Luckily someone is coming to take care of them this weekend.

WW: Naptime wakeup

Most days my child wakes up from her nap in a really bad mood. This started a few months ago and I have no idea why. She is just cranky and whinny and overall not happy. So the other day when I braced myself for her nap time anger I was happily surprised that she was in a great mood, so I decided to grab my camera and document it, since who knows when it might happen again.

Oh my toddlers are so unpredictable!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 3/18

People ~
This is from a photo shoot I had this weekend for a 1 year olds birthday party. We were missing a few of the younger kids and 3 babies from this group.

Vintage ~
The lock on my old WW11 trunk that I use as my side table in my bedroom

Photographer's Choice ~
A photo from Addison's 2nd birthday invite photoshoot

Nature's Own ~
pretty flowers

Quote ~
My crazy child after her nap

WW: balloon fun

This past weekend we finally got around to taking photos for Addison's 2nd birthday invite. She is having a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party so I got balloons that matched all the characters and took some photos of her. This kid loves "badoons". She asks for them all the time and she knows that at the grocery store she will get one and she gets so excited.
So here are some of the outtakes from this session, these are the photos we are not using for her invite but that I still think are super cute.

Pregnancy #2: 8 weeks

How far along:
8 weeks and a few days or so. As I said before the doctor put me at less than I know I have to be so I won't have an exact date until my next appt. The doctor has me at 7 weeks 4 days.
How big is the baby:
green olive
Total weight gain:
So far according to my scale 1 lb although I feel like I am starting to show SO much earlier this time. I know I already had some "cushion" around the middle but even my mother in law said something the other day about how I was already showing a little. I know it can happen but it is just so strange. Plus I look more pregnant at night so maybe it is just a food baby in there.
Its been okay except for the cold I have had that causes me to cough a lot.

Best moment of the week:
I guess getting sushi (cooked of course) and wonton soup from my favorite sushi place, it was so good!
Food cravings:
Cereal, sausage biscuits, generally breakfast food is all that sounds good at the moment.
Food aversions:
Still chicken. Mostly it is just when something doesn't look or smell good all of a sudden, it doesn't really matter what it is.

TIRED! I'm still nauseous sometimes even with my meds and I have been getting headaches. In fact a few days ago when I was outside playing with Addison (warning I am going to talk about some not so nice pregnancy symptoms ahead so feel free to stop reading) and I had been feeling not so great all day. We were playing with her chalk outside and all of a sudden I had one second to think, I'm gonna puke, and then I did, again and again. Of course Addison was right there and she got really upset so I was simultaneously trying to smile and say "mommies okay, everything is fine" and puking up my last 2 or 3 meals. NOT fun. I even ruined some of her chalk, sorta comical now looking back but not while I was going through it. Not to mention then I had to clean it off the sidewalk. Pregnancy, so sophisticated!
No clue but I think girl, although I did have a dream that I had a boy a few nights ago.
What I'm looking forward too:
My appointment in a few weeks so we can see our little one again.
What I miss:
Well really not much, Maybe not being sick all the time and not being so tired but overall I'm pretty good right now.
Next appointment:
March 27th
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WW: outside fun

This week has been pretty nice here. Not to hot, not to cold and we have been outside (whenever I don't feel like I'm dying) playing alot. Addison loves to be outside and I have been having fun playing with my new lens, which I really like BTW! I still need to send my other one in to be checked.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3~4

I tell you this pregnancy is kicking my bootie! It started out with a stomach bug, then moves to a cold. Then finally I was better from those and started to get morning sickess that lasted all day long and made taking care of Addison pretty difficult. Got meds for that and now I am hit with another cold, and it is a bad one. I am just ready to be well and not sick with something!

Routine ~
Our daily routine includes going for a walk or at least getting outside to play as long as it is not raining. My child loves being outside more than almost anything.

Music ~
One of Addison's most loved and most annoying toys, a guitar that plays different Yo Gabba Gabba songs. She loves to play them over and over and over.

Technology ~
I was going to go with a photo of my phone or computer but then I looked up and figured why not go with something simple that would not be possible without the beginning's of technology.

Show Me Your Style ~
This is my decorating style. I actually won these frames from Fanicful Frames. I love them and have actually ordered more from another company Zin Frames and I am now offering these frames through my photography business too! 
Mismatch ~
It is "suppose" to be winter here and we have so many flowers blooming, plus the pollen. Not to mention these beautiful flowers are actually weeds that are taking over our yard. I would say they are very much mismatched for how pretty they are!