WW: Park time

Oh man I am so behind on blogging and really not feeling the motivation to even catch up. It is way harder to be pregnant and have a toddler to chase after than it was to have a full time job and be pregnant, at least in my opinion. I am always so tired and by the time Addison goes to bed I am exhausted and fall asleep on the couch. So anyway that my excuse for the bloggy silence.
A few weeks ago Addison and I met up with some of the other kids from her Little Gym class at a local playground to let the kids get some energy out. This playground is in one of our county parks and it is really nice. It has 3 separate play areas for 3 different age groups. Of course all the younger kids wanted to go to the big kids area. Which meant that mommy also had to climb the big kids play area. Oh btw did I mention I am deathly afraid of heights. Yes even something that low. Not fun for mommy. 
Anyway I didn't get many shots because my zoom lens is acting up(my new one came in the mail today!) so all I had was my 50 and I had to stay close to Addison so she didn't throw herself off the play set. Plus me + heights + camera was not happening.

Riding the dolphin
Addison had a blast but next time Daddy is going with us so mommy can stay safely on the ground and take photos!

Baby #2 update

Alright it is time for my first baby bump update! With my pregnancy with Addison I did these weekly but I don't think I'm going to do them that frequently with this one (sorry kid you are already getting shafted). I'm thinking maybe every other week. Maybe every 3 weeks, or maybe when I can remember to do it.
Thank you to Addison for my still existing pooch

How far along:
Well according to my doctor I am 5 weeks and 5 days but that is not possible since took my first pregnancy test on 2/2 and got a positive which would have put me at 2 weeks and 5 days getting a positive, and that is not humanly possible (way to early the baby isn't even fully implanted at that time). SO with all that said I am pretty sure I am at least 6 weeks and a few days so I am going to go with that.
As a back story to this I had my ultrasound on Tue. and we did see the heartbeat after quite a bit of searching. The baby implanted far back in my uterus and was hidden behind the yolk sac (which keeps the baby alive until the placenta can take over completely near the end of the 1st trimester) so we had a hard time getting a measurement since she had to go through the sac to get the measurement. She said she could easily be off and that at my next appt we would have a better idea about the actual age better.
How big is the baby:
The size of a blueberry
Our little #2. You can see how the doctor was measuring through the yolk sac. She said it was 5w3d give or take 5 days. I think it more in the give 5 days off range.
Total weight gain:
1 lbs so far but I have been so hungry this pregnancy so much more than with Addison plus I am not having much morning sickness so eating is much easier.
Pretty good, waking up at night to go to the bathroom but I did that before I was pregnant :)
Best moment of the week:
Getting to see our little one on the ultrasound and seeing the flicker of a heartbeat!
Food cravings:
Red meat, which I had with Addison too.
Food aversions:
Chicken, particularly chicken that I have to cook, if I have to see it raw I can not eat it.
Headaches, some nausea but mostly in the afternoon after 3 and at night. I feel pretty bad right before it is time to go to bed.
No clue, everyone says it is a boy but I have a feeling it is another girl myself.
What I'm looking forward too:
Our next appt so I can get a correct EDD, of course I was early with Addison so I would expect the same thing with #2
What I miss:
Strangely I miss things that I didn't even really eat/drink that often, like beer. I can't tell you the last time I had a beer before I got pregnant but as soon as I can't have it it looks so good to me.
Next appointment:
March 27th, It is strange being so "normal" this pregnancy. With Addison they monitored me so much closer because of the miscarriage with my first pregnancy, I don't think I went more than 2 weeks without going to the doctor. 1 month seems like such a long time.

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IHF: hugs and kisses

This week the theme at I Heart Faces is hugs and kisses. I just love this photo from one of my photo shoots. I love Andrew's expression, I think it really makes the picture. Already embarrassed by his parents!

Photo Challenge Submission

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 2/19

Love ~
I just though this couple looked in love
Duplicated ~
duplicated color rings
Trend ~
So I didn't have any ideas for this prompt and at the moment the only thing trending on Twitter is Whitney Houston terms so feel free to interpret this any way you would like! 

Paper ~
My grandma asked me if I could some how make this picture bigger for her. It is one of the only photos she has of her family and she wanted to make sure she could have it for a while. I took a photo of it with my camera and played around with it on photoshop. I think I'm going to look up some photo restoration stuff and see if there is something else that can be done to it.
 My grandma is the 4th from the left in the back

Plastic ~
Addison playing on a plastic slide at a birthday party.

Edit me week 7

So this weeks photo for the edit me challenge is brought to us by Rosie from Leavesnbloom Studio. I have been following Rosie's blog for a while and I am super excited to be able to edit one of her photos!

I love this photo and I wanted to go with a sorta vintage edit since the photo just screamed vintage to me. So I did a slight crop and edited out some of the distracting trees that were left over after the crop. Then I ran a PTM action and tweaked it to my liking. I then did some selective brightening to bring out some color in certain places.That is pretty much it!
check out the other great edits!

Edit Me

WW: visiting the family

The beginning of this past week we went to NC to visit my extended family. While we were there I took my second cousin's senior photos at my aunts farm. Unfortunately he could care less about the farm life so his session didn't include anything about farm life. However my child is fascinated by it all so we had fun playing on all the farm stuff and visiting with the horses! 

I tried to talk my aunt into giving me this old tractor, I'm determined to break her down!

A child after my own heart. I love horses, in fact this farm is where I rode my first horse ever and anytime I have come to visit I have ridden out here. My aunt has owned horses my whole life!

They also had a big kid play area that Addison loved playing on too!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

A few of this weeks are a stretch, I think the new baby is sucking out my creative juices or at least my motivation to take creative shots,

Facial Features ~
Beautiful horse features
Shadow ~
Shadows at the beach
(taken with my iPhone)
Spicy ~
This is such a stretch but I don't know one person on the planet that likes spicy things as much as my uncle. The man eats peppers on everything and the hotter the better. I have seen him just pour sweat and still eat away!
Gold ~
Golden sunset
(taken with my iPhone)
Fabric ~
The fabric of the hat and coat, I know it is a stretch but its all I could come up with.

Why we are telling....

So am I am sure some of you noticed in my Scavenger Hunt Sunday post this past week we are expecting another little one. We actually just found out last Thursday ourselves, well I found out on Thur and had to wait until Friday morning to tell my husband. I am sure a lot of you are saying to yourself "she should be keeping that a secret, or why is she not waiting until she is in the "safe" 2nd trimester".
I'll tell you I did a lot of debating about how I wanted to handle this news both on my blog and in real life. I'm not sure if many of you know this but I was pregnant before Addison. We lost that baby at 9 weeks and 3 days. Well after we had seen the little heartbeat and well after the doctor told us we were "out of the woods" for a miscarriage. We excitedly announced our news only to have to, a week later, tell everyone that we were no longer expecting. It was so very painful, but also very comforting to have the support that we would have been missing out on if no one knew.
Then when we got pregnant with Addison I spent so much of my pregnancy so worried that the same thing was going to happen. We waiting until we were in the 2nd trimester to really tell many people about it. It was stressful and I felt like I couldn't really get excited just in case something happened and I was going to be crushed again. Don't get me wrong we were so excited but I felt like I couldn't share that excitement a lot of the time.
So this time around we decided we are going to take a different path and we are going to share our (very surprised) joy with everyone right away. This will be our last baby and I want to at least try to enjoy every minute of it that I can and I want others to enjoy it with me. I know that I will never get away from the nagging fear that grips me every time I go to the bathroom and I'm sure every time I step foot in my doctor's office. This time we are doing what feels right, whether it is what others think is right or not.
For those of you that care to know this was not a planned thing, I was really sick a few days with a stomach bug where I was not able to keep anything down, including my BC pills. All it takes I guess is a few days :)

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 2/5 (surprise!)

We are heading out of town today for the next few days so I will not be able to visit with everyone until I get back the middle of this week.

Strike a Pose ~
Sleepy cougar pose.

Color Me Green ~
Green water and a (I'm sure) slimy green turtle.

Footwear ~
Newborn footwear!

Hobby ~
Yep taking photos of little ones (and big ones too) is my favorite hobby!

Shiny ~
Shiny light in the corner of the photo......

Oh and also   ^   this   :)