Oh so silly

My child has in general decided that she doesn't want to sit and have her photo taken, she would much rather be up running around a playing. This was the silly face I got the last time I made her sit and have her photo taken. Oh well I guess candids will have to do for now!
Photo Challenge Submission

The crows

We have had this flock of crows that seems to really like our neighborhood. Last week one day I heard a bunch of squawking and looked up and saw about a million of them in my front yard. Of course I did what any normal person would do and ran to get my camera. They however flew away because the neighnors cat was stalking them.
So the other day I saw them flying around and decided to go out and see if we could find them. Luckily it wasn't hard since they are pretty loud and not to far from the house.

Addison was really interested in them but only from afar, everytime they would take off she would get a little freaked out.

There were not even close to as many as the day they were in my yard  but it was still a good amount of them.

She kept trying to go toward them but when she would look back and I wasn't following (because of course I wanted to get a picture of her going toward them) she would come back to me.
Then she got bored of them and wanted to check out the dead flower bed that is right along the greenway. The same ones that I took the photos of over the summer.

Not quite as pretty as they were in June but they are still fun to photograph. I really hope these flowers bloom again this year too!

WW: fog

We have had some crazy winter weather here in the Lowcountry. Lots of warm weather and fog and not a lot of cold. I know a lot of people complain about the cold, I am not one of them. I love cold and that is the one thing I do not like about living in the lowcountry, we don't get much winter. We are lucky if we get a few weeks of temps in the 40s and it is not consistant. Just toady it was 75!
We have also had some fog and I got a chance to sneak out of the house while the hubs was home and take some photos of it.

One lone little duck, I wish I had taken my longer lens. Oh well next time.
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Dirty piggies

My child's cute little dirty feet!


By the book

Addison loves books! I don't think there was any way she wouldn't with both me and my husband, we have so many books and we both love to read. We even had a book themed baby shower for her so that she could start her collection early in life.
She is a very active child but if she is sitting still most likely it is with a book in hand, and this one happens to be one of her favorites, as are all of the Eric Carle books!
Photo Challenge Submission

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 1/22

Four ~
I was trying to take a photo of 4 cookies and someone decided they wanted one.

A Day in My Life ~
Chasing after the wee one.

Colorful ~
I was trying out my new backdrop and someone was just being a clown.

Black & White ~
So this photo was taken at super high ISO and is so so grainy but I just loved the way she was looking right into the camera like she was looking for something.

Sunset ~
 I actually do not have anything for this. I couldn't get out to take a photo at the beginning of the week and then when I actually could get out and take one it has been raining, and I don't have even one in the archives. Pretty sad!

My child.....

I wanted to call this post "I am constantly trying to get good photos of my child and like any good toddler she very rarely indulges me" but it was way to long. However that is exactly what this post is. A bunch of random photos of my child and even though  she wasn't "cooperating" like initially wanted, it turned out to be exactly what I wanted. Capturing my child being, well my child!

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Week 3: Edit Me

This weeks Edit Me challenge photo is from Marilyn at The ArtsyGirl Connection. I really wasn't sure where I was going to go with this edit so I don't have a step by step.
I did some tweaking and I know I added some actions from PTM but I'm not 100% on which ones I actually ended up using. I also did a slight crop to get rid of the little bit of Roof (?) that was in the corner because I was distracting to me.
So that is my edit for this week!

Edit Me

WW: DIY mini mudroom

I subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens. There I said it. I traded my Cosmo and Glamour subscriptions for home improvement, cooking and child centered magazines about a year ago. I have to say when Addison was still a baby I tried to read my Cosmos and really they just made me feel bad about myself so I decided to switch them out for something more constructive. I have to say I'm glad I did because I have gotten some great ideas and lots of new recipes from them.
I saw a closet, mini mudroom makeover in the latest edition of Better Homes and Gardens (actually my husband pointed it out to me, oh yeah he reads them also!) and I knew that would be perfect for us. We don't really have a designated entryway place to put bags and shoes and other odds and ends that always end up near the front door.
So last weekend we decided to tackle the closet.
I spared you the actual closet packed to the max photo, lets just say I made a very big trip to the Goodwill after we went through the closet.

All of that stuff sitting in front of the closet was only just a 1/4 of the stuff that was in it, and the clothes bar was removed too.
Then we painted the inside of the closet the same color as the walls in the living room.

We put the top shelf back in and added 3 prong hooks all around the closet to hold bags, jackets and any other hanging things.

The hubs put in a shelf/bench thing and we added containers to the top for our random odds and ends and the containers on the bottom for shoes and Addison's outside stuff (ie bubbles and chalk and balls and stuff).

I am still planning on making a cushion for the bench to match the fabric on our couch. So far it has been really useful and has cut down a lot on the clutter that was next to the front door. Not to mention I think it cost us about $75 bucks total!

IHF: Family Fun

I'm finally able to actually get on the computer and try and catch up. I got a horrible stomach bug and have been pretty much unable to function as a normal human for the past 3 days. So glad I am on the upswing!
So this week at IHF is Family Fun. This is one of my favorite shots from a session I did last year. I just love the expression on his face "geez you guys are embarrassing me!"

Photo Challenge Submission

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Stacked up ~
A stack of Cherrios, one of my child's most favorite things!

Winter Wonderland ~
I have nothing that really says winter and I feel horrible because both Addison and I caught something and have been puking all day yesterday so I'm not up for taking any photos.

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Hole ~
A cool hole in your yard, the neighbors cat likes to go in there and hang out.
Sweet ~
One of the most delicious rice crispy treats I have ever eaten! They are called Browned Butter Salted Crispy Treats and they are heavenly.
Okay we don't get much in the way of frozen here. It hasn't gotten to freezing here yet so this is some ice out of our freezer that I tried to make more interesting. Meh.......

Chalking in the neighborhood

We have had a few days of extremely warm winter weather. I'm talking 70 or above and bright and sunshiny. Needless to say this means the whole neighborhood has be out playing and taking advantage of the weather.
We brought out the chalk and bubbles and everyone had a bunch of fun coloring and playing together.
I was surprised that they actually played really nicely together and didn't really fight over the chalk. Usually when everyone gets together there is a good amount of fighting but this time they did really good.

 Sadly it is raining for the last part of this week so we are stuck inside again but the chalk was fun while it lasted.

Edit me week 2

This weeks edit me photo is from Wild Ginger Photography. I just love newborn photography so I was super excited about this edit.
So for my edit I first cropped the photo. I found that the fact that the bears hand was slightly cut of was distracting to me so I decided to do a nice close crop so it looked a little more purposeful. Then I did some skin softening and ran a few actions. Such a great shot to start out with and I love the way it turned out in the end.
Edit Me