We are having a........

I have to say I was shocked. I really really thought it was going to be another girl. Looking back I think I was scared to have a boy. One because I didn't have a male figure in my life growing up so I think that influenced me and also I know girls so I thought it would be easier to have something I already knew. However seeing my husband's reaction when he found out we were having a boy made me so super excited. Don't get me wrong he loves our daughter but I think he really wanted a boy (like I think a lot of men do).
All of the tests and measurements came out wonderfully, my chances of downs and spinal bifida and very low and the trisomy tests were all negative. SO glad we have a healthy growing baby boy. I know how hard some people struggle to have a child and I am so blessed to be able to have 2 healthy wonderful children and I would NEVER take that for granted!

It took me a little bit of time to get use to the thought of having a boy but now I am super stoked! Addison will be our only little princess and I am happy about that too. So now I get to buy all new boy clothes, and learn to think boy. Also the little man is very very different pregnancy wise that Addison was, he is super active already and is punching and kicking away. I don't even think I was feeling Addison move at this point. I think I am in for a much different baby than Addison was.
Picking names is going to be a different story though. We had Addison's name already picked out before we even knew she was a girl and the boy name that we sorta liked for her we don't like anymore and we just can not agree at all on a name. We have a few that got a maybe from both of us but nothing that screams yes this is the name of our little man. So if anyone has any boys names they want to throw my way feel free!
Yay for our little (no name) man!!!!!


deb duty said...

Oh how exciting!! I love having my boys. You'll have lots of fun!

Elena said...

This is so exciting; I'm so happy for you! Now you will have one of each. That is so great! Love the little pics!

Elisabeth said...

Congrats :) I was looking forward to finding out what you are having!!

Everyone thought my niece would be a boy I was the only one who said she'd be a girl and I was right.

Happy and healthy next half of your pregnancy :)

Be Sweetly Inspired! said...

You're right, boys are a totally different story than little girls... waaaay more energy! But they sure do love their mamas! I am so excited that you get to experience the joys of having both! Lil man is destined to be a total sweet heart with a big sister too! Boy names are tough, but I'm sure something will come up that y'all both love. Hope the rest of this pregnancy is uneventful :)

Patrice said...