Addison's 2nd birthday party

This past Saturday we had Addison's 2nd birthday party. Yo Gabba Gabba themed. It was a ton of fun. We had a bunch of people over, all the grandparents and a ton of Addison's friends. I think it came to 10 kids and around 20 adults.

Her birthday cake was amazing. I wish I could say that I made it but no I had it made by a local lady here in Charleston Peytie Cakes. Her cake making is amazing and very reasonably priced!  

I actually won the cupcake toppers from Sarah's blog they are by Mykoola's Frosting and made the cupcakes. They were a big hit too!

I didn't take a ton of photos of the day because I wanted to just enjoy it but I did get a few playing outside and of the candle blowing out. I handed the camera over to Addison's godmother and she took some too but I didn't really check the settings so they are a little underexposed but I just wanted the memories.

I do love her face in this one! Apparently someone was not happy about something. Her shirt was made by another local company Snips, Snails and Fairytales

My good friend brought her bounce house and it was a hit, all the kids loved playing in it!

Blowing out her candles and eating her cake. Or more correctly not eating her cake since she doesn't like cake or sweets really at all. I finished off her piece.

I just got some random shots of all the people that were at the party.

And of course opening her presents!


Meegs said...

Aw, happy birthday to your cutie. Looks like a great party! Awesome cake!

Patrice said...

Looks like a fun party!

Elena said...

Did I read that right, that she doesn't really like cake or sweets?? Wow! That's actually great; you should be thankful. Less cavities and NO sugar highs!