Memories, Dreams and Reflections

I am most proud of starting my own photography business this year! I just love it and I hope it continues to grow and make me stretch in 2012!
I Love You
Addison and Daddy, my heart!
Still Laughing...
This photo was taken this summer when it was blazing hot outside and Addison loved playing in her pool. The dogs were all outside running around and all of a sudden Addison started panting like all the dogs. It was so funny!
Winter Wonderland
Okay we don't get winter here in SC (I mean it is Dec 31 and today was 72 today!). At least not any that looks and different than any other time. So I thought I would go funny on this one and use Addison's Santa picture from this year. Its as winter as we get.
Addison's first birthday party!!!
Addison and her buddies, luckily they all live right around us so the girls get to play all the time.
I Was Inspired...
to do this picture from a similar photo I saw off of Pintrest and I loved how it turned out!
Spring Fever
spring here in the south is hot, so bare feet, bug bites on legs and grass in the toes.
Travel or Vacation
So we didn't take any vacations as a family (sad I know) but we did go see Yo Gabba Gabba so that was sorta like a vacation.
Summer Days
Addison's first trip to the beach
A Day In My Life
Every day is spent with this little one and I love it (most of the time at least, I'm only 1/2 kidding)
All Smiles
Every time I see this picture it makes me smile.
This picture just makes me laugh! It is so my child!
Autumn Harvest
Nothing more fall than picking pumpkins
Family or Home
My family
Celebrating Addison's first birthday
Let's Do It Again...
We had a blast going to the fair as a family I can't wait til we can go again!
I Miss You
My first boy Phoenix.
Well of course I don't think there is anything more beautiful than my daughter!
Dress Up
Addison in her Foofa Halloween costume.

Addison and my favorite holiday!
Also this photo was bought by Easy Canvas Prints for use in some of their advertisements. Thank you to all who saw the photo and have let me know! I'm glad we all look out for each other.
My Favorite
I wouldn't say this is my favorite photo from the year but the act of taking family photos every year is something I treasure and I was to continue to do every year.
Don't Ever Change -
My dear sister.
Just Because...So There!
There is something about this picture that I both love and at the same time is sorta creepy to me?! Maybe because she looks so grown up.
Hopes and Dreams
My dream for this year is for my photography business to continue to grow and for my daughter to grow and learn and become an amazing toddler. I also really want to take a trip with just my husband and I so we can keep our marriage and romance alive and just spend some quality time together.

Shoot & edit recap

So I know I have been a bad shoot and edit participant these past few weeks. I really wanted to get the collage in though. It took me a while to get around to it. Plus I didn't have all of my pictures in a specific location so I had to search for them. Bad organization!
Anyway I loved doing this every week and I wanted to thank Ashley and Jill for teaching us. I learned SO much this year!!!

My famous child!!

So if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram (stoneyville) or Facebook you already saw this (can you tell I'm excited about it?) but if you don't Addison's picture was featured in Easy Canvas Print's email ad this morning.
They actually contacted me a few weeks before Christmas about the photo but then said that the original email was being delayed so I didn't say anything about it to anyone. I wanted to wait for the ad to actually come out.
Anyway here is it! Yay!!!
They didn't give me anything to blog about this I am just excited that my child and my photography were featured by such a big company. I was however compensated for the use of the above picture.
Also Easy Canvas Prints is a great company for canvases if you need any, and I am not just saying that I bought canvases from them before they ever contacted me.
BTW: did you see my name in the corner AHHHH!!!
Also I entered Addison's photo in a contest and I would love it if you could go here and like her photo, it is in the linky #4. Thanks!

Top 11 of 2011

It is crazy to me that not even 1 year ago my child was not walking, talking or even crawling! It seems like she has done these things forever now. It is also so strange to look back at my pictures from the beginning of the year. I can see so much that I could have improved, which is good I guess. If you want to see what is really crazy take a look at last years top pictures!
I decided to do a favorite picture each month.
January: Addison was 9 months old and not really crawling yet.

February: 10 months. This month she finally decided to crawl although she really didn't like to very much.

March: 11 months

April: Addison turned a year old and started walking on her birthday!

May: 13 months, holy crap I have a toddler
June: 14 months, Addison took her first trip to the beach (even though we live in a coastal town :)

July: 15 months

August: 16 months
September: 17 months

October: 18 months, Addison dressed up for Halloween as her favorite character Foofa.

November: 19 months, Addison got to go to the fair again and loved it!

December Bonus :) Addison 20 months, 2nd Christmas.

Naptime Momtog

Our (now) annual neighborhood Christmas party

We are extremely lucky that we live in a small neighborhood where there are a good amount of children that are all close in age and that enjoy playing together. Also that the parents all get along and like to talk and spend time together. We live at a dead end street and both in front and next door are families that we are lucky to call friends. We like to joke that we are the "stand in the street friends" since you can usually find us with all the kids running back and forth around the houses and the parents hanging out in the street talking and supervising.
This year we decided to have a little party for the kids and pull names and exchange gifts.
We had the party at my house and it was a lot of fun.
Addison waiting on all the guests to arrive.

She was sitting at the table so she could have full access to all the goodies!
I had a cookie decorating station set up but only the older kids were interested. Once the little ones got some sugar in them they were on the move with no chance of stopping to do anything.

Addison's (cardboard) house was a big hit for the kids and they were all trying to fit in the house.

The smallest member of the group, mom wanted to get a picture of her in this dress since it was one of her favorites of her older daughter and was starting to get to small for this munchkin.

Hello sugar!

Run Run Run the sugar off!

Where is you belly button?

Where did everyone go?
I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all.