Make Christmas count

This Christmas I want to give to good causes and help others. I know money is not everything but it does help. You can start by donating to save this little boy and get him to his forever home. I donated and so can you.
Just click on the banner below or here to learn his story and how you can help.

Shoot & edit week 47 original

Oh man this past week to week and half have been crazy! Family visiting for the holidays, getting things ready, cooking almost all the food, trying to fit everything in. Plus on top of that Addison never really got over her sickness and now she has a double ear infection and has given me the nastiest too. Not pretty in my house right now. Anyway Thanksgiving was great we got to see lots of family. I did not really pick up my camera much. I did get a few shots of my mom and Addison and about 5 photos total of my brother. He is impossible to take photos of. He either won't let you or he makes the following faces. Brothers....

Bust a gut

This week is a fun challenge for I Heart Faces.

animal sounds

So clearly I am not going to get around to a actual post until sometime after Thanksgiving so I figured I would leave you with a super cute video of my child.
Also she might watch to much tv since she thinks that Dinosours say Choo Choo thanks to Dinosaur Train and she also says no to everything.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 11/20/11

Water ~
A sailing class out on the water at the Battery.

Mainly one color ~
The sky was all grey and casted this cool monotone color on everything.

Reflection ~
The orange triangle is used for safety and reflection so the carriages don't get hit on the streets.

Writing ~

Around the house ~
Not only is this around our house but Addison is around her little house too.

Shoot & edit week 45: edit

So this week I didn't do to much to my photo. I really loved it to begin with so I just ran an action and sharpened it. Nice and clean. I did love Ashley's tutorial I had to do that same thing to a client photo a few weeks ago so it was nice to see the tutorial.

How everyone is having a great day!

WW: he will be missed

My heart is heavy today. This past weekend I had to put my cat down. He had a undiagnosed heart condition that made him sick very very fast.
This morning I am going to pick up his ashes and all last night I had bad dreams and woke up thinking that I heard him crying out in the house.
Gosh he was such a great cat and I'm going to miss him so much.

Shoot & edit week 45: SOOC

For this weeks shoot and edit the theme is family. I have taken our family photos for our Christmas card which did not turn out quite as I had hoped but is the best I can ask for with a 18 month old and a tripod. I got a few usable shots but I'm going to save those for my card. So I am going to go with a shot that I took this weekend at my first wedding shoot. It was a lovely couple that became a full fledged family (well at least with the slip of paper from the minister). I just love the love in this shot!

My alien katt

Phoenix Katt
He was found in a taped up shoebox discarded in a trash dump. Luckily even at 2 weeks old he was loud and determined. I raised him from about 4 weeks old, and he resembled a alien for the first few weeks of his life.

He has had a rough medical life, surgery 2 times to remove a foreign body from his intestines. Surgery 2 times for a blocked bladder and countless trips to the vet for urinary problems.  

He was on daily medicine for the majority of his life, but non of this could keep him down.

He was also the sweetest cat in the world, all he wanted was to be on your lap or under the covers curled up next to you sleeping. I spent countless nights with him right beside and on top of me.

He really thought he was a dog and would come when called and sit and beg for food with the dogs. He was so good with all animals and kids and he loved Addison so much. He was so patient with her and wanted nothing more than attention all the time. I don't think there was a person that met him that did not love him. He was just the sweetest cat and loved to give "love bites".

Yesterday morning I had to say goodbye.
A undiagnosed heart condition and a broken heart.
I already miss you so much.

Shoot & Edit week 44: edit

Okay so I know I said last week that I was going to use Lightoom this week for my edits and I did not. I actually still haven't had a chance to play around with it, since the little one has been sick. So I decided to just use some of the actions that I have that I don't always use. I generally go with the same few actions (usually PTM's) that I know I love.

So those are my edits this week!

WW: the fair!

So we finally got to go to the fair! We don't have our fair until later than most places probably because it is so hot here and they try and wait until it is cooled off a little.
We took Addison last year but she enjoyed it so much more this year!
Her favorite thing was by FAR the carousel. She rode it 4 times and was throwing a fit when we had to leave and she had to stop ridding it.

We also saw a lot of animals. She enjoyed seeing them but did not want to touch them. So funny because she loves to touch our animals but I guess strange animals are not as fun to touch.

We also ate some yummy fried foods and walked around and enjoyed all the lights and craziness that is the fair.

Addison is usually in bed by 7 and it was just starting to get dark around 6:45 right before we were leaving. I got a few shots in the semi darkness but I didn't get to do the whole fair at night thing.

I decided to try and get some motion shots, I think my shutter speed was at 1/40 or 1/30 at 75mm for this shot.

Addison really enjoyed the man that was playing the keyboard and singing old songs. She was very entertaining for the older people that were enjoying the music!

All in all it was a fun time and I can't wait until it comes around next year!

Family love!

Family is such a hard thing to define. There are so many ways to make a family and so many different kinds of families. I think the one of the important common link that makes a family is love!

Rock the Shot


This weeks theme at I Heart Faces is black. I just love this photo I took of little miss Natalie and her momma.

Shoot & Edit week 44: SOOC

I am way behind this week already. I actually just took these photos about 10 minutes ago. Yesterday Addison was diagnosed with croup so we have been a sad, sick house. Plus today is my wedding anniversary! We have been married for 3 years but dated for 5 before that. These flowers are actually a surprise from my husband. It was actually a big surprise since I didn't say anything about it being our anniversary and he is not the most romantic man so I actually really though he would forget. Not to mention I have only gotten flowers delivered from him one time in 8 years! So I was shocked when the guy showed up with them today. YAY!!! So I'm glad I had some inspiration for this theme.