Foofa and the gym

So we didn't take Addison trick or treating this year. She doesn't really know what candy is yet and I don't think it would be much fun for her. Plus my husband had to work on Halloween night and we would have had to go drive somewhere since our neighborhood is a small dead end and no one trick or treats here.
Luckily our Little Gym had a costume party on Sunday for the kids and Addison had a ton of fun running around and playing. She didn't even want the candy that they had for prizes she would get it and then put it right back into the bag.
They had "fishing" for candy and prizes, Addison just enjoyed playing with the fishing rod.

She had fun taking the candy out and then putting it back in the bucket. I even tried to let her taste some and she didn't like it.

They had a little maze for the kids but she just wanted to go in and come right back out!

They also had a makeshift slide that Addison was a little weary of. She actually did enjoy it and went back again on it despite the look on her face.
Wasn't she so cute dressed as Foofa?!

Shoot & Edit week 43: original

This weeks theme for Shoot & Edit is costume which is fitting since today is Halloween. Addison attended the Little Gym Halloween party on Sunday. As you can see Addison was Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba. I was surprised she kept the hat part of her costume on pretty much the whole party. She had a lot of fun although she could care less about the prizes they had. She just wanted to run around and play!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ Oct 30

Macro ~
I love the way that this little bee blended into the flower in this shot.
Found Texture ~
I was playing outside with Addison the other day and looked down and noticed the cool texture that my scarf had.
Home ~
Home is where those I care about are. This photo fits well with this prompt too because my sister, though she doesn't live with us, says that my house is home to her.
Cover ~
A bunch of mushrooms hiding in the cover of our very long grass.
Tree ~
A shot of a tree I took in a puddle of water.

My week in iPhone photos

 playing with glow sticks in the bath; wearing underwear on the head; pumpkin family; chillin; playing games with the neighbor
 must have toddler grocery store run; wearing mommies glasses; learning to go up and down the steps by herself; wearing daddies hat; waiting for our dinner dates to arrive (I made this dress for Addison!)
 Sitting in the fall decorations; comfortable anywhere; loves some Mexican food!; push car races with the neighbor; wearing her sunglasses (and her homemade dress!)
YO GABBA GABBA LIVE!!!; dancing; got a Plex doll; loving the show; so did mommy!

Time to start thinking about Holiday cards!

Shutterfly. I just love them. I have used Shutterfly for years for all kinds of things. First it started out as an easy way to print out photos without having to leave my house. Then it moved to making photo books and calenders to preserve my memories and give gifts to the grandparents for Christmas. Especially after Addison was born I made year books for us to keep and to give to the grandparents. Not to mention I used them for Addison's birth announcement too.
You can't forget my Christmas card last year, of course again from Shutterfly! I mean look at how great it was, I loved the bright colors and design and of course the super cute photos I used.
I can not wait to pick out our card for this year. There are a few I have my eyes on.

They have so many to choose from! Check out Shutterfly's holiday cards and start picking yours out for the holiday season

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

On Wed. we got to take Addison to her first ever show Yo Gabba Gabba Live! She has loved the show Yo Gabba Gabba for a while now. For those of you that haven't seen it before it is show with 5 main characters (Muno, Brobee, Foofa, Toodee and Plex) that are brought to life from doll form by DJ Lance Rock and then they dance and sing a teach kids lessons like don't bite your friends and eat your veggies. I think it is a super cute, if not slightly trippy show so when we saw that it was coming to Charleston for a live show we got our tickets right away.
I was a little worried that she was going to be scared since she has never seen anything live, never been to the movies or anything like that. Plus we had pretty close seats so I knew it would be loud.
Luckily I had no reason to be worried. Clearly her love of all things Yo Gabba Gabba trumped the loud sometimes dark show. She absolutely loved it! She was standing in her seat dancing and singing. I have to say I got a little teary eyed seeing how much she loved it!

I took my "big" camera and I used my iPhone to take photos so this is a mix of those 2 things.
The show itself was highly entertaining and both Carlton and I enjoyed it as much as Addison did! Of course my husband was most excited about Biz Markie (who has a bit on the show called Biz's beat of the day). These are all the characters dancing and singing.

We bought Addison a Plex doll to complete her Yo Gabba Gabba doll collection (we bought her the others for her 1st birthday). She now has stuffed toys of all the characters. She has not stopped carrying Plex around and even sleeps with him at night and during naps.
They did a lot of her favorite songs on the show. "Bugs" by Muno is probably her favorite song and she was so excited when they did that one. They also had leaves and snow falling from the sky and she was fascinated by that. There was an intermission in the middle of the show so she got to run around and get some energy out which was great!
Overall it was defiantly one of the most fun things we have done as a family and it will be a great memory for a long time to come!

Shoot & edit week 42: edit

Here was my SOOC shot for this week, a session I had last weekend.
I just did a general clean edit and added some warmth. I have been editing like a mad woman and have not really had time for much more. Plus the hubs is off so we have been doing family stuff.
I am excited to try the edit that Michelle showed us once I get a chance to play around.
I also got Lightroom 3 this weekend but I haven't even opened it to play yet.
Also I have been trying to comment on posts from my phone in my reader but I don't think it is showing up on the blogs that I am posting it on?! Anyone know anything about that? I have a iPhone and I use my reader and it shows me my comments but I don't think it actually shows on the posts for the person I am posting it to? SO annoying!
linking up with Ashley for the edit, I can't get the button code to work and Blogger won't load the picture and I am just extremely annoyed with it all right now!

Let them be little

Kids like to be dirty and they like to eat things they shouldn't right? Even when they are all decked out in thier birthday finest. Gotta love kids and the things that they find entertaining.

Shoot & Edit week 42: original

This weeks theme for shoot & edit is memories. Well I think any picture could fit into that catergory since that is the reason we take pictures for the memories. So I decided to go with a photo from my photo shoot for one of my good friends and her family that I did yesterday. She wanted to have memories of her family at this stage in thier lives for many years to come.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ Oct 23rd

Words ~
At the pumpkin patch this week.
Under ~
Mushrooms under the tree stump in our front yard. I thought the mushrooms were done but they are back in full force at our house!

Orange ~
Orange butterfly. This is actually 2 butterflies one was sitting on top of the other one. I have never seen them do this before.
Clearly a stretch but Addison and Daddy were flying down the slide at the pumpkin patch?!
Always look on the bright side~
One day you will be a big beautiful flower, savor the time it takes to get there!
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The stare

So now that Addison has figured out that pretty much everything else is way more interesting than Mommy, especially Mommy with a camera attached to her face, it is pretty hard to get a photo of her looking at me. Forget actually smiling. Most of the photos these days are running away from me! So this was actually pretty good to get her to look at me. I feel like she is practicing for her teen years with this look. I think she has it down pretty well, right?!
The Paper Mama

iPhone photos

 photoshoot location; butterflies on the greenway; walking away; cleaning the back yard with Daddy; can we get one?
 Little Gym fun; playing with glowsticks in the bath; hay ride; very large pumpkin; very large chair
 No nap face; helping Daddy change fix the dishwasher; the result of not napping; first bite of icecream sandwich; riding the rocking horse
playdate with the neighbor; peek a boo over the couch; first pair of Toms; cheese face; watching Sesame Street on Dudley

Pumpkin patch trip

The beginning of this week we took Addison to the local pumpkin patch. This was the first time we had taken her. They have lots of things for kids to do although a lot of it is meant for slightly older children.

The sun was very very bright and it was pretty warm so the lighting was defiantly a challenge. She was not feeling the sticking her head through the sign thing.

This was a bounce house that they had. There were no other kids playing in it when we got there so we decided to try it out. She hated it, like a lot!

However she was loving the slide that they had.
We were not really sure what this actually was and Addison didn't really care for it.
We went on a hay ride (although there was no actual hay involved at all) and then she got to try out the big chair. The chair was actually leaning pretty bad, and didn't look all that safe.

They did have some hay bales up under a tent with chairs and tables I guess in case you wanted to sit for a while.
The tractors were a big hit she really enjoyed playing on them, even thought she was really high sitting up there.

They had a few animals for the kids to watch and feed. A few goats that had this cool walking contraption and a little cage of bunnies. She liked watching them but had no desire to touch or feed them.
Last but not least we picked out our pumpkins and we were on our way. They do have a actually patch that is sometimes open where you can cut your own pumpkin of the vine but it was closed on the day we went.