Shoot & Edit week 38: edit

Another super simple week for editing. I just cropped slightly and ran one of my favorite actions PTM Wham.

Quarterly top 5: Addison Hope

It's that time again for the quarterly top 5 link up. I actually managed to keep it to 5 photos this time.

Sometimes my favorite photos of Addison are the kind I just happen to snap and this is one of those. For a few days she walked around all day doing this over and over. I love that I captured this memory of something that she did that I otherwise probably wouldn't remember.

This was when I got my newest lens and I was outside just practicing with it. She was trying to get my camera and I happened to snap this one. I just love her eyes it in.

My husband said this photo creeps him out because it looks so fake (and not like the Addison we know) but she was actually giving me her cheesy face and I just happened to snap at the right time before she got her crazy cheese face. I do this it looks a little "toddler and tiara-ish" but I still like it.

This was a photo I took for one of Addison's modeling gigs and I just love that it shows her personality. She was laughing at her daddy and the crazy stuff he was doing to get her to smile for me.
Crazy Addison face. I don't think there is much more to say about this one.

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WW: nature again

I think this is going to be my last flower/bug photos, although I can't promise anything.

Bee in flight, I wish it was a little sharper I was focusing on him sitting on the flower when he took off.

I thought this lizard was really cool looking sitting on the flower. He only sat there for about 3 clicks and then he ran away to hide again.

A nice up close lizard face.
Clearly this spider has been hard a work catching and eating things, quite a collection of dead bugs he has got.

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Shoot & Edit week : original

We had a few days of really nice temps (it is back up to the 90s) so we have been spending more time outside. I wish it was more like fall here but it is still really hot, boo! For the few days it was cooler outside we spent a lot of time running around on the greenway that is next to our house. I also took the time to take some photos for one of Addison's boutique modeling gigs (the purple headband). This was a photo that didn't make it to the boutique but I just loved her dimples and cute smile. She was laughing at daddy who was making faces at her.
The only question I have was what was I thinking with my ISO at 800?! Hello!! I usually have to keep it that high when I take photos indoor so I guess I just didn't change it. I should have caught that, oh well next time.

Shoot & Edit week 37: edit

Man am I behind this week. My sister is visiting from CO and she is getting ready to fly to India for a month so we have been spending time doing family stuff. I have not been online much reading or blogging or even editing photos much.
So anyway here is my edit this week. Just a clean edit.

Aunt Ang is in town

So my sister is in town visiting for a few weeks. Addison loves her Aunt Ang probably because they both are a bit crazy and nutty and love to make lots of noise and play and have fun.
While she is here my mom came down too so Addison had lots of people to keep her company and take her outside, which is of course her favorite place ever.

Just walking on the greenway to the flower patch. This was the one day when it was under 70 degrees during the day, it was magical and like all things magical it was gone never to return, sad face.

Learning to pick up and throw rocks.
Running from Aunt Ang.
Smelling, well actually trying to pull/crush the flowers.

Drinking water out of a big girl glass since she now thinks she is a big girl and doesn't need her sippy cup anymore.

And then Granny showed up (and her Uncle John but we didn't get any photos of him). So we had a full house for a while with my mom, sister, brother, my MIL and one of her friends too.

All in all Addison had a great time with all of her family. What can I say she loves being the center of attention!

Shoot & Edit week 37: original

So this weeks theme for Shoot & Edit is teen or adult photo. Well I don't have a ton of adults to take photos of, expecially if they don't also include a little one. So I decided on this photo of my mom with Addison. She was teaching her how not to destroy the flowers and how to just smell and touch them. Addison likes to walk up to them and grab and snatch.

Wedding sun

This is a shot I took at a friend's wedding. I have never actually shared any of these shots before but I decided this one fit this weeks theme over at I Heart Faces. This is her dancing with her Dad. I just love the expression on her face, like she is soaking up the dance, the song, the moment and the warm sun on her face!

Addison and the flower

So I saw that this weeks theme at The Paper Mama was red and I thought of this photo I took a few days ago. Addison really wanted a flower to hold so we got one for her and she carried it around with her the rest of the time we were outside. I'm actually surprised that she didn't eat it. Luckily it was a red flower that I gave her so it fit the theme this week, Yay!
The Paper Mama

SHS ~ Sept. 18th

It's time again for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, here are my weeks interpretations.
Behind ~
 A bee's behind

From a Distance ~
Granny coming from a distance. We had my mom, my sister, my brother my MIL (granny) and one of her friends all over at the same time yesterday. Granny had just gotten to the house and we were playing on the greenway

Street Photography ~
A street in downtown Charleston

Sunday ~
I took this photo on Sunday (yeah I know copout)

Liquid ~
Liquid in the fountian downtown

The demise of the bee

Addison and I spend pretty much every afternoon on our greenway walking and playing and taking photos. As I mentioned before we have a flower garden not far from the house. I have been loving taking photos of the flowers and all the bugs and creepy crawlies that call those flowers home.
So the other day I was walking with the boogie on the greenway and I happened to walk up on this very sad but super cool to photograph event.

Entering the above photo in all the Friday links
Okay maybe I wasn't all that sad about it since I am not a fan of bees in general since they sting and stuff. However I do enjoy honey in my tea so maybe I am just a little sad for this bee. However I'm sure the spider had a nice dinner of bee that night.

I also got to capture this cool dragonfly. I was surprised when he stayed long enough to get few photos of him.

Also Addison decided I was taking way to many photos of things other than herself so she had to take things into her own hands and do a snapworthy pose for me.

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Shoot & Edit week 36: edit

It's edit time for this weeks shoot and edit. So Ashley talked about reducing noise this week. I know that PSE has a noise reduction action but I don't really like it very much. I generally use Noiseware software for my reduction. I think it works great and they have a free version.
So here are my originals.

I just did some slight tweeks and reduced the noise on all of my images