Scavenger Hunt Sunday~ 7/31

I just have to share since I am so excited, I decided to upgrade my camera body and a brand new shiny 60d is on its way to my house right now!!! YAY!!!!!!
Okay now for SHS.
Walking Empty Streets ~
Okay not technically a street. It is a public walkway so I think it counts. This is my cousin's son walking on the greenway by our house.

Repeating Patterns ~
The walkway steps that my husband is trying to get the time to complete.

Floor ~
This is what happens when your plumbing is bad and is leaking from your bathroom for months. This is an old photo I pulled out of the archives.

Then and Now ~
Addison and her cousin Sid at 1 month and 15 months. Man they have changed. Not to mention I'm pretty sure my photography skills have improved since then. Of course at 1 month postpartum I was not doing much more than feeding a baby and breathing.

Fingertips ~
"I" with her fingertips always in or around her mouth. At this age those little tiny fingertips are always busy and getting into things!

iPhone photos

 ~ A cute little snail that came to stay on the porch for a while
~ Did a little sight seeing downtown with some family that was in town.
~ Waiting for daddy to get home
~ Had to take Showtime to the vet for an infection in her paw
~ Kicking the cat out of her chair
~ Her new Yo Gabba Gabba toy I scored at the thrift store for 3 bucks!
~ The Coburg cow that was the center of a few tense days of local landmark anxiety here in town
~ Addison had her 15 month appt.
~ Spinning with Daddy
~ Dinner where she refused to eat anything but a squeezie pouch.
life rearranged

Photobucket and A good life, and iPhoneography

I have a new little friend!

This little guy (or girl) decided to come hang out the other morning when we had some crazy rain. I first noticed him because he made a nice slimy trail on our glass door, so of course I had to pull out my camera and snap some photos of him. I don't have a macro lens so I shot all of these with my nifty fifty. It is by far the sharpest lens I have.
On a side note I have really been thinking about using all prime lens, they just seem to be so much sharper than my other lens and anytime I use my other lens I am disappointed. So any thoughts on other really great prime lens? 35mm, 85mm 100mm anyone have any advice, thoughts?
Look at that cute slimy face!

Oh hai!!

I love the background in this one.
It is pretty cool to watch them climb up things with that big shell on his back.
So I don't know much about snails but where exactly are his eyes?
There appears to be 2 or 3 things that look like they could be eyes.
We have decided to name him Alberto and I hope he sticks around cuz he is so cute!!!

The Daily Wyatt

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Shoot & edit week 28: edit

Week 28 of Shoot and Edit. I missed my edit last week since family came into town unexpectedly. I wasn't online at all while they were here.
So here was my original this week:
And my edit. I did my general clean edit in RAW and then moved into PSE9 and ran a few PTM actions. I just love all of her actions, the "fun" ones are great but I really like the quickness of the basic ones like. For example the brightening or banishing actions. It just makes it so much faster and easier than having to manually do it yourself.
So for this I ran a few of the basic actions and then 2 fun ones. I also cropped a little.

I clicked it up a notch

It is always hard for me to pick one photo. I had a few this month that I really liked but I just kept coming back to this one, it just makes me laugh. I really shows my crazy child!

WW: family visiting

This past weekend I had a bunch of my family come into town. My grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin, his girlfriend and their son, who is 2 months older than Addison. It was hot so we didn't do to much. We played outside with the kids in the early morning and afternoon and we did a little bit of shopping and we went downtown and walked around at the waterfront. Of course most of the photos I took were of the kids. I shared a few of Addison's little cousin Sid on my photo blog here but of course I have a ton of Addison.
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When I saw that this weeks theme at I Heart Faces was water I knew right away what photo I wanted to use. This is still one of my favorite photos of Addison ever!
She was loving the water splashing in her face!

Shoot & Edit week 29: original

So as I mentioned in my last post I had family in town this weekend. This also included Addison's cousin who is almost 3 months older than her. She had a blast playing with him while he was here.
It was super duper ridiculous hot here but we still managed to get outside in the mornings and afternoons to let the kids have some fun. They both really enjoyed playing in the wagon.
Canon Rebel XTi with 50mm lens
ISO:100       f/2.5       1/1000

Surprise weekend!

We have been very busy the past few days. We had some unexpected family come into town on Friday so we have had an extra 6 people in our house. We have been enjoying spending time with them playing outside in the heat and letting the kids play and run and have fun!
The Paper Mama
Playing in the sprinkler to keep cool, doing a little shopping, going downtown and doing a little sight seeing, eating and sweating, sweating sweating.
I took about 1000 photos, so I have plenty to share from all of our fun! However right now I need to go clean my house so I hope everyone had a good weekend!

WW: nice weather

As I mentioned before we are actually having tolerable weather here in the lowcountry. It was mid to upper 80s for a few days. Of course now we are back up to upper 90s with heat index of 110 or so. Fun.
Anyway when it was nice we spent a lot of time outside getting eaten alive by bugs and enjoying the weather.

Cute little swinging baby feet!

More swinging, she loves to swing in her swing. I can't wait til she is old enough to go down the slide.
Daddy teaching Addison how to properly "set up" Ruger when he is judged at his hunts. It is time to get him ready for the upcoming hunt season.
Time to put Ruger up and go eat some dinner.
Entering the far away challenge since Daddy and Ruger are far away!

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