S&E week 21 looking up: original

This weeks theme for Shoot and Edit is Looking Up. I snapped this photo a few days ago and I thought it fit pretty well. Addison has just learned how to take bites off of food as opposed to trying to shove the whole thing in her mouth so lately she has been walking around the living room carrying and eating food.  She is a busy body and doesn't like to sit still. Well the dogs have started following her around in the hopes that she will drop something she is eating and they can get some, this happens rather frequently!
Canon EOS Rebel XTi with 50mm f/1.8
f/2.2    1/250     ISO 1600

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 5/29

Hope everyone is having a great (and not to hot) Memorial Day weekend. My hubs is working (like always) so we are not doing much of anything. Just trying to stay cool and bug free and hanging out at the house. Man I have SUCH an exciting life!
Anyway on to SHS ~ Memorial Day edition.
Classic Still Life ~
Fruit, simple enough

Self-Portrait ~
Okay not a big fan of selfies but I do love my eyes, they are a great blue color but I really liked this photo as a black & white.

The Paper Mama      Photography love...
Also linking up for self portrait numbers: 2 eyes! (okay a bit of a stretch......)
On the Floor ~
Addison is going through a "throw everything on the floor" phase (it better be a phase) so her sippy cup always ends up on the floor when she is eating.

Lines ~
Okay I already showed this photo this week but I didn't have anything else, so here you go again, lines on the swing set.

Fresh ~
Fresh new leaves growing on the trees in the back yard.

Entering for Trendy Treehouse Trees theme!


Head on over to see more!

More family shots

Today I wanted to share a few more of the photos my sister took for our family session!

I'm not usually one for posed family shots but I had her get some so I could give them to the grandparents (they always complain that they don't have any family photos).

Look at that cute belly!!

and a blooper because I thought it was pretty funny!

Hope you enjoyed them!!
(and thanks Ang for taking them for us!)

Shoot & Edit week 20 chalk drawing: edit

Week 20. So here is my SOOC shot:
I just did a clean edit, and then ran Pioneer Woman's Fresh and then PTM Vanilla Pop and tweaked both and then did a little cropping. I haven't gotten a chance to play with the roll over thing yet but I am going to try and get around to it!

I don't know I'm not really loving my edit this week, and I am also having some annoyances with trying to do my watermark, I just can't seem to get it to look like I want. I guess I need to go back and look up some other tutorials on how to make one because the tutorial I followed I'm not liking the results (when I switch the color to white I can't see it on the photo but I don't like it as black UGGGG). Anyway I am getting frustrated with photoshop at the moment so I am going to step away......

Fun times....until the bugs attack!

Addison has a love/hate relationship to the outside. She loves being outside most of the time yet she hates getting dirty and the feeling of grass and the bugs! So mostly for her this means she wants to be held while outside or she wants to walk without the fear of falling (by holding onto our hands) or she wants to be in her stroller or a swing. Yesterday evening after we told her daddy bye bye when he went to work (we always sit on the front steps and wave bye to him as he goes off to night shift) she decided she wanted to venture off on her own to the front yard with no shoes on.
So I did what any reasonable person would do, I ran in the house and grabbed my camera of course!
She decided that the car would make a suitable alternative to my hand so she didn't fall, she was being very brave last night. She has been especially careful after she face planted on the concrete, I guess she remembers how much it hurt and I can't blame her!
She was actually enjoying the grass between her toes with no shoes on. Usually this makes her extra fussy and annoyed. She is a bit of a priss.

Then she decided it was time for a little bit of swinging but that didn't last long she was ready to explore!
However it all ended when the bugs started attacking her, even with bug spray they still try and suck her dry, it is very sad. You can see the bug bites on her leg from the past few days of playing outside. She got that from her daddy they don't really seem to bother me.
Oh and I am trying to figure out the watermark thing in photoshop (I had just been using Picasa but I wanted to make a brush in photoshop to use) so I did this one, what do you guys think? I'm not sure I like it, any opinions?
The Paper Mama     Wordish Wednesday

Family time

I know I mentioned it before but when my sister was here I asked her to take some family photos of us. I had originally planned to set up my tripod and do some remote shots but I figured this would be way easier.
I'm sure I have mentioned before that the hubs hates having his photo taken and was not 100% on board so I had to not use some photos (that were good otherwise) since he looks like he would like to kill something in them...... ah men. Also Addison was not in a good mood for the shoot and I ended up taking her to the dr later that day but she checked out fine. So no smiling really at all for either of them, oh well I tried.
I set the camera on AV mode so my sister didn't have to think about changing the setting or anything.

Please pay no attention to my wide rear, I am working on making it smaller :)
Sweet Shot Day

I have lots more to share this is just a few that I picked out today.

Crazy Face!

This weeks theme at Trendy Treehouse is crazy face, Addison is really, really good at these! I know everyone has seen this photo but I have been saving it just for this challenge, my favorite crazy face ever!
Crazy kid!


Shoot & Edit week 20 chalk drawing: original

So we got some chalk for the kids to play with at Addison's birthday party. We never actually got around to playing with it but then I saw this weeks prompt, perfect. Well of course I can't give Addison chalk since she would eat it right away so I decided to write her name and get a shot with her next to it.
She was not really feeling it.....


Canon EOS Rebel XTi with Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

f/4.0   1/320   ISO 200


This weeks theme at I Heart Faces is yellow. This is a shot I took for Addison's 10 month photo shoot and I just love how interested she was in the neighbor's house. She can be so nosy sometimes!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 5/22

I think I am finally caught up so now I can actually comment on people's posts that I have been reading. Whew! Now on to SHS fun!!!!
My Passion ~
As I am sure many of us will do for this prompt, photography. BUT this is not just any photography prop this is a lens..... COFFEE MUG! How cool is that, my sister got it for me for my birthday, two of my favorite passions in one.
 Sound of Music ~
This is a photo from the party my husband's family had for his grandpa (my first paid photo gig). The kids were being silly and dancing to the dj that they had for the event. Kids are so funny when you put them in front of a camera!
Inner Beauty ~
Okay had a hard time with this one, I went with these flower, they have inner beauty right?

Ethereal ~
The little one, I thought this fit well and then I used Pioneer Woman's lovely an ethereal action too.
 Sharp ~
My crazy child and her very sharp baby teeth that she likes to bite me with whenever she gets the chance.

Also linking up with Paper Mama and Bella Skye for challenges, which works since both themes are Blue. Addison is wearing a blue shirt I figured it fit!
The Paper Mama  

Bella Skye Photography's 100 Follower Photography contest

Shoot & Edit week 19: edit

I am so behind this week, I can't seem to catch up or get it together.
Anyway here is my original image for this week:
And my basic clean edit:

Then I decided to use PTM Vanilla pop on my image and tweaked it a little.