Addison is MOBILE!

So on Addison's birthday she decided she really needed to step up her walking ability. Up until then she had taken a few steps here and there. Well the evening of her birthday she started stringing 7 and 8 steps together and then just yesterday she decided that she was ready, and off she went! 


Oh and also I won the photo contest over at Love, Luci (judged my Mandy and A Sorta Fairytale), it was the photo that is my header!
I am super busy getting things done for Addison's birthday party so I am not able to visit and comment on my normal blogs but I am reading here and there on my phone!

shoot & edit week 16: edit

Here are my edits for week 16, sorry I am trying to get everything ready for Addison's birthday party and my computer is driving me COMPLETELY BATTY so I am little short on time and patience!!!
Clean edit:

 Black & White:

Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!

Today at 4:08 pm my little boogiehead turns 1!!!!
I can't even believe it has been a whole year. I am very busy executing all the details for her party this weekend, and getting my house ready for all the visitors that are coming to stay, plus the hubs is working so it is just me, and today I am driving up to visit my mom since she just has surgery on Friday. SO if I am not around that is why. Also be prepared for a photo dump after her party on Sunday, or as soon as I can get them edited! I can't wait it is going to be a BLAST!
Here is Addison 1 year ago.

Here is the little princess now (okay we don't actually ever call her that, it just seems weird to me for some reason) with a sneak peek of her birthday get up. She has an outfit to wear on her actual birthday (today) one to wear to her Little Gym class (so they all know it is her birthday) on Thursday and then this number to wear for her party. I made most of this outfit my self! I am very proud of that.
Oh and she was not happy that her legs were touching the grass (she is so prissy sometimes!)
Happy Birthday little one! We love you!

Oh and I wanted to say a big HI to all my recent followers, I picked up 6 or 7 new followers this just week (that is a lot for me in just a week) so thanks for following and I hope you enjoy what you see/read!

photo challenges

Pets challenge at Simplicity

Portrait challenge at lifes to short not to wear red shoes

Trendy Treehouse Easter challenge


Shoot & Edit week 16 original: Friends/Family

Week 16's theme is friends and family but I haven't seen much of either lately so I didn't have a photo that fit the theme this week. My mom had surgery so she is stuck on the couch for 6 weeks, my sister is in Colorado, my brother is just not around much, the hubs worked 6 straight 12 hour days and it has just been Addison and I this week. We didn't even leave the house on Easter. With all that said (and I am sure you wanted to know all of that, right?) pretty much my only photos are of her so this is one from this week that I really liked, she was just reading her books happily playing be herself.
Canon EOS Rebel XTi with 50mm f/1.8
f/2.5     1/250     ISO 400

I heart faces: pets

This weeks theme at I heart faces is pets. So I decided to bring out this photo of Obie that I took a while ago, it is my favorite photo that I ever took of him.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 4/24 Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend, mine has been pretty laid back, the hubs is having to work overtime and my mom just had surgery on Friday so she is not mobile so it is just me and the little one, I am spending most of the day getting ready for Addison's first birthday party (she turned one on Wed!)
Guess what this is... ~

What's Inside ~
My newest book has a sound track that goes along with it, I thought that was pretty cool!

Lawn & Garden ~
And trees, This is our pecan tree that just lost some of it's branches, and the guy that got rid of them for us!
Playtime ~
On our new swing set.
Reflections ~
Of myself in Addison's eyes.

Simlicity class week 3

This weeks lesson for the class I am taking on photographing children was to practice crop, rule of thirds, and negative space. First using a toy to practice the principles.
Then to imitate a photo without engaging your child (just letting them be) and practice different angles, rule of thirds, crops, and big pictures. All SOOC.
Here was my "big picture photo"
and then my closer crop, zoomed in for the details shot (although it is very dark, I should have changes my settings but she is fast!)
Then a close up and edit.

and finally a different angle shot. I love photos of her cute little toes. I am also entering this last one in the Paper Mama's multicolor challenge.
The Paper Mama

Photo challenges

Okay so I know you all have seen this picture a lot (or like every time you come on my page) but I was reading Mandy's blog and she had a link to a new photo challenge so I decided to join it. Plus the photo challenge is in honor of her twin's birthday and with Addison's birthday only 5 days away (WHAT????)  I figured it was fitting. SO here you go!
Plus just look at that face: Priceless!!!

I am also entering LEM photo challenge: Easter. This is Addison right after her very first Easter egg hunt.

Shoot & Edit week 15 edit: Easter

So here is my edits for this week. I did follow Ashley's edit on the first one, but I also put in a clean edit.

Clean edit
Selective coloring: eh I'm not sure if I like it. What do you think?

For this one I just did a clean edit and ran PTM Jubilee, one of my favorites!

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Tree trimming

So as I mentioned before we are doing a bunch of work to our back yard, putting in some gravel paths, putting a roof on the dog kennels, making a play area for Addison with a fence and a swingset and other random kid stuff and making a little driveway/parking area for all of my husband's stuff. However before we can get started on any of this stuff we had a few trees that needed some attention. We have a huge pecan tree in our back yard that was in sad shape and needed some TLC and then we had 2 dead trees that were right where we wanted the play yard to go so they needed to come down. So we called out a tree guy and of course I had to take photos of the event. Oh and the guys we had come were really great, they came on short notice and did wonderful work, Thanks Tree Logic!
These are all SOOC except for the watermark, because I am lazy and don't feel like editing them!
I really liked how the shavings were coming off of the tree, I thought it looked sorta cool!
This one really long branch was over our house so the actually had to lower it to the ground as opposed to just letting it fall like all the other branches.

This guy was fearless, there is no way I would be hopping around in a tree like he was, it was cool to watch though.

Then it was time to take down the 2 dead trees, he said they would eventually come down if we didn't take care of them (and not in a good way).
Oh and not to mention we got all the chipping from these trees to use in our back yard makeover which is great since we were going to buy a bunch of mulch anyway!
So that was our fun tree trimming adventure. I will be posting updates as we get more of the backyard done!
The Paper Mama