Top 5 quarterly photos of Addison

So I saw this on some of the blogs I follow and thought it was a great idea and decided to participate (I also participated in the top 10 they did at the end of last year). You are suppose to pick your top 5 photos of your kids from Jan, Feb and March and put a little explanation as to why you pick it. Of course I love nothing more than taking photos of Addison so picking just 5 was pretty hard and took me a while!
This photo is one of my all time favorites! She was watching a plane go by overhead and we were just sitting outside enjoying the warm Jan sun. This was not to long after I got my DSLR and I was just learning how to shot in manual and was taking a lot of photos to practice.

This photo I actually just took last week, we were at the Little Gym for our weekly lesson and I don't normally get to take photos there since I have to participate but my husband and Addison's Godmother were there too so I got some photo taking in! I love how I captured the bubble right in front of her eye. Bubble time is one of her most favorite things at class.
This was from Addison's 10 month photo shoot. She had just learned how much fun it was to stick her finger up her nose and I happened to capture it. She still loves to do this all the time!
Play time at the park! This was actually Addison's first time on the swings at the park. It was one of my good friends son's birthday and we met them up at the park (they were doing all of his favorite things that day) and Addison thoroughly enjoyed her first time on the swings!
This photo I actually took with my p&s camera. Addison loves playing in her clothes basket so I decided to take it out and put her in it. She was fascinated by the light that was coming in and hitting the basket from the window. I just love her expression and her eyes in this one.

(photo taken by my good friend Jeni)
Okay I couldn't pick just 5 so this is a bonus! This was again last week at the little gym. I just LOVE her expression, she has learned that being really loud makes people pay attention to you so she likes to scream at the other kids to try and get them to play! It is super cute and funny to watch.

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little gym time

As I have mentioned before we started taking Addison to the little gym a few months ago. So far I have been the only one that has gone with her. However this week my friend and Addison's Godmother Jeni was in town and the hubs was off work so we decided to make it a family affair! Plus this way I could actually get some photos of her: SCORE! For most of the time my friend Jeni had the camera since my darling husband flatly refuses to take photos at all. ever.
Walking with her Godmother Jeni, one of her favorite things to do in class.
Screaming at the other kids, she is a bit of a loud mouth and tried to get attention by making very loud noises so people will pay attention to her.
She is actually pretty good at walking on the balance beam, she understands putting one foot in front of the other.
This weeks theme was rolling, they have a specific theme every week and we work on things that follow with that theme in class. Oh did I mention Addison hates rolling? Oh yeah, she really doesn't like it. At all!
And no my husband was not squishing her he was using his elbows and knees to not roll over her.
Then they blew up this big pillow thing and they were suppose to jump on it and try and walk on the unstable surface, yep she didn't care to much for that either. Which is why we both have those stupid expressions we were trying to make her feel better about how scary it is, we did not succeed.

Then it was time to roll and a big wheel and then roll of the end. Addison never made it to the end she hated it so her teacher just rolled her back and forth on top to try and get her use to it, didn't really work as you can see from her expression!

However she loves bubble time, it is her favorite. Luckily they do it at the end of every class and she knows it so she does calm down and have fun eventually. She understands the sign for bubble (they do a lot of signing in the class) and gets really excited!
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Yay for bubbles! I love how I caught the bubble right over her eye!

S&E week 12 original: Green

This weeks theme is Green. I actually took this photo on St. Patty's Day. She was too busy watching Yo Gabba Gabba to take the time to actually look at me, man she loves that show!

Canon EOS Rebel XTi with 50mm f/1.8

f/2.5    1/320    ISO 800

Sweet Addison

This weeks theme at Paper Mama is sweet. Well Addison has never had anything sweet to eat so that was out of the question for a photo. However she does love her stuffed toys and she can be sweet to them. She loves to hug and give them (big, open mouth, slobbery) kisses and Violet is one of her favorites to kiss! So there you go Boogie being sweet to Violet.

The Paper Mama
Also linking up for Something you love photo challenge, I LOVE this little girl and I also love her expression and how sweet she is being to Violet in this photo!

Mikayla: my life in words
Shutter Love photo challenge: Hands
This is my favorite photo of Addison's hands.


Happy Monday: Pets
This is our crazy Showtime!

Slice of life

This weeks theme at I Heart Faces is slice of life. I think this photo pretty much captures that 100%!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 11/27

Decay ~
This is out of the archives. It is from our honeymoon trip, we stopped off at the Museum of the Appalachia on our drive. Not only does the barn look old but that poor mule looks pretty sad too.
Groups of 3 ~
Three little arm rolls!
Kitchen ~
Prepping for dinner, I was making Pioneer Woman's Cajun Chicken Pasta, it rocks!
Photography love...
Things that make you go hmmmm ~
This guy rode up beside me in dress clothes and then when he stopped and put his foot up I saw this! I had to snap a quick photo with my p&s.

"Me" Time ~
MMMM, mexican and margaritas!

S&E week 11 flowers: Edit

Here is my SOOC shot:
And then my clean edit:

And my photo shop watercolor edit:

I AM beautiful!

For anyone that does not know Jill is doing a I AM BEAUTIFUL project! If you would like to join you can go here to her page all about it and link up your photos to her Flickr group because we are all beautiful and need to be reminded regularly!
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Camera bag love!

I have had a few people ask me about my new camera bag so I figured I would do a post on the
newest member of the photo family! I have been needing a camera bag for a while and I have just been using an old purse that seemed to have enough room to hold at least some of my stuff. I had been searching around for a cute one that was not hundreds of dollars but that was also cute and functional.
I, of course, was looking at the Epiphaine bags (who doesn't) but I really didn't want to spend that much on a bag. Then I saw this bag that one of the bloggers I follow had just gotten and I fell in love! I love the color green and after reading her post on the bag I knew I needed it. Luckily the hubs had just mentioned that he got a bonus at work and that I could use some of the money to get some camera stuff! Yippy!

Sweet Shot Day

So I decided to get the Cheeky Lime camera bag, isn't she a beaut!
I love the room that it has. It can hold all my stuff (minus my tripod) and I still have room to get more stuff.
Plus it is nice and padded which is good since the little one had pulled my old "camera bag" down twice from its resting place and this bag protects everything much better!

It came with this super cute camera charm too. It has a ton of pockets, one on each side of the bag, a big one in the front and a little zipper pocket in the back of the bag. It also comes with a cute removable clutch inside the bag.

Not only does it have 2 handles but it comes with a shoulder strap that is long enough to put across your body so you can easily care it and your camera. Almost the entire inside is move able (with Velcro) so you can change the panels to your liking to get the perfect fit for all of your camera equipment. Plus all the panels are also well padded and even have a little fold over flap to keep things extra protected, and it is waterproof too!

The top of the bag has 3 mesh pockets that are perfect for lens filters, wireless remotes or any other small things that you need to be able to access quickly and keep up with. Plus look at how cute the liner fabric is, and did I mention how much I love the lime green color?! I have also heard a rumor that later this year they are coming out with the same bag in red. I think this bag rocks!

Just so you know I was in no way sponsored or asked to do this post. In fact Cheeky Lime does not know who I am (well beside the fact that they are now 100 bucks richer from my purchase) I just really love my bag and wanted to share it with those that have asked about it.


Entering this photo over at Trendy Treehouse for the shutter love heart theme!