10 months!

Happy 10 months Cheeks!
Your growing like a weed, and learning new things every time I turn around. It is just amazing to watch you learn new things and master things so quickly. Every time I start to think that this is the best age you show me just how much more I have to look forward too.
This month has brought some big accomplishments. You mastered the crawl, which I though you would never learn. It is so true that babies just all of a sudden start doing something. You went from not moving to full on crawling overnight! Then pulling up and now you are standing all on your own in less than 1 month. We got you on video yesterday standing all on your own for over 15 seconds.
You got your 3rd tooth in this weekend too. You now have 2 on the bottom and 1 top tooth.
We joined the Little Gym a few weeks ago. I wanted you to be able to get out and see other kids your age since you don't go to daycare and I figured this would be the best way. You seem to really enjoy it.
You are eating 3 meals and still getting 4 bottles a day. You will use your sippy cup but you mainly like it as a weapon to throw from your highchair and try and smash Mommies toes with. You sleep all night long still and you take 2 naps. Especially now since we gave you Napinator your naps a usually great!

The Paper Mama
You are in mostly 12 month clothes though sometimes you wear 18 months, and when I took you to the doctor a few days ago to check for an ear infection (thank goodness none) you weighed in at a little over 24 lbs (with your clothes, shoes and diaper on). You a re definitely not a small child, you got that 100% truthfully.
You still love to play with your BFF I. You guys actually interact really well and enjoy playing, it is so fun to watch. You both light up when you see the other one. We can already tell we are going to have our hands full since you both like to copy each other and think it is expecially hilarious when one of you gets removed from doing something the other is quick to give it a try and see if they can get away with it.

(I spend everyday chasing after this little one)
Your Daddy and I just sit back and laugh at you a lot, you are so funny and entertaining. You love to stand up and squat down and dance and walk. You will demand someone's hands to help you walk all around (usually daddies if he is around). You love being outside and will fuss if we bring you in. Speaking of that if we do something you don't like you will now throw a fit. In fact you gave me a bloody lip today doing just that!
However most of the time you are a very happy and dare I say easy baby overall!
Oh and your new favorite thing to do, stick your finger in your nose.
    Sweet Shot Day
Cute.....? not really sure about that.
We love you SO much!!!
Mommy and Daddy

I heart faces: anything but....

This weeks theme at I Heart Faces is Anything but a Face. So I actually snapped this picture today while trying to get Addison's 10 month pictures. It was way easier to get anything but her face at the moment since she will.not.sit.still! She was peering through the fence at the neighbors, crazy kid!

Shoot & Edit week 8 original:self

Oh man, this weeks theme is NOT my favorite. I hate pictures of myself. However I decided to embrace it and get a real picture of me. No makeup, since it is very very rare that I wear it. I took these while the little one and I were sitting outside enjoying the nice weather.
Canon EOS Rebel XTi with 50mm f/1.8
f/3.2 1/320 ISO 200

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 2/27

Capture the Sky ~ So this is the sky over downtown Charleston with one of our (MANY) church steeples. We aren't called the Holy City for nothing!

Everyday ~ So everyday, when my husband works, before he leaves at a very early hour he brings in the paper and sets it on the end of the couch so I don't have to go out and get it. I love to read the paper while I am drinking my coffee. However since Addison is now mobile it is one of the first things she goes for in the morning since it is always there. She is much faster than I am in the morning before I have had my coffee!

Furry ~ My furry little couch buddy.

Life ~ This is my life now...and I wouldn't have it any other way

Blurred ~ Addison shaking a beating her toys.

Also my little one is 10 months old today!

Out a here!

We are heading out of town this weekend and my mom is coming to take care of the little one (and all the pets) while we are gone. This will be our second time leaving Addison. I'm not as nervous as I was last time but I am sure I will be calling in every few hours. SO with that said I have A LOT of things to do to get myself and my house ready or our trip. I am going to leave you with another one of my favorites of Addison that I took last week!
I just love the little bit of tongue she is sticking out!
Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday   and then, she {snapped}
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S&E week 7 pink edit

Editing time: Okay here are my SOOC shots and my edited versions.
For this first edit I just followed the edits that we have learned in the last few weeks.

Now for the second edit I followed the stuff we have learned the past weeks and then I followed Ashley's new prompts for this week.

Edit: It was a good amount of steps and I don't know if I could write them all out (or remember them all to be exact so..)

Whatcha think?

Wordless/ish Wednesday

I like to call this one "headshot." Anyone need a good model, she works for formula and puffs!
  The Paper Mama 

Also for those of you that haven't heard there is a fellow blogger that tragically lost her 4 month old daughter a few days ago. For the whole story and to show your support during this terrible time in her and her families lives you can visit her blog. She has asked that today, in memory of her Maddie, that we all put bows in our daughter's hair, so I am doing just that for her.

Glowhorse to the rescue

A few days ago Addison decided she did not want to nap anymore. She however did not say it in such a nice way. I went to put her down for her morning nap, like always, right around 10am. Now that she is standing/pulling up on things her first order of business was to pull up on her crib and bounce up and down. This is normal. What follows was not. She started whining, and then whimpering, and then full on tears rolling down, screaming like a madman was trying to rip her from her crib. Had I not had a video monitor I would have busted in her room ready to karate chop whomever way trying to take her. Turns out there was no madman, just a madbaby. When I went into her room she reached up to me with both arms and the saddest expression ever. I tried to just sit down and rock her and calm her down in her room but just being in her room set her off. So thus began our battle over nap time.
This continued on for a few days of screaming when I set her down and she would eventually fall asleep only to wake up 30 minutes later. She was tired (and subsequently crankypants), I was frustrated and the multiple books I scoured offered nothing. She has never had anything in her crib besides herself, a zip up blanket that she wears to stay warm and her paci.

So I had to take matters into my own hands. If you remember Addison use to be terrified of any stuffed animal that made noise or talked. She has had a glowhorse since before she was born but never showed much of an interest in it. So it was hanging out in her toy box. I decided to get it out and see if maybe she might like it, and maybe it could keep her company in her crib.

It worked! I was beyond surprised. She loved glowhorse (now loving referred to as Napinator) and she just rolls over and hugs him until he stops playing music and then she falls asleep. She s doesn't even attempt to stand up in her crib, nor does she even cry at all when we are putting her down for her naps or bed.

Sweet Shot Day
Now the only issue is how to get her to stop crying when we have to leave Napinator in the crb until the next nap.

Also on another note I didn't want to do a whole other post so I am including this super cute photo of Addison with her adorable dimples for Shutter Love's Dimples challenge.



So I am sure you all remember this photo. I entered it in Live Every Moment's black and white photo challenge and she picked it in her top 3! Of course I am up against 2 other wonderful photos (Ashley, I'm looking at you). So if you love this picture as much as I do (it is currently my screen saver on my phone) could you hop on over and give it a vote?

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I Heart Faces: Phone photo

So this weeks challenge at I Heart Faces is a photo from your phone. I don't take a many photos with my phone as I use to since I got my new camera. However I found this one when I was looking through my phone for a picture to use. This was from when Addison had to have surgery on her neck. I didn't have a camera at the hospital (yet) and so I snapped some photos of us sitting together waiting on the team of doctors to come in. This picture pretty much captures my feeling for the 5 days that we were stuck in this little hospital room!

Shoot & Edit week 7 original: Pink

So here is my SOOC shot for Pink. I bought these for myself on Valentines Day. They were on sale at I thought they were pretty, plus I knew that this weeks theme was pink so I figured I could get a good shot for that.
Canon EOS Rebel XTi with 50mm f/1.8
f/2.8    1/100    ISO 800
They are still alive too, I love how long carnations live.

So I was just going to do the one picture above but then when I saw Ashley's picture and when she said she was going to be teaching about facial retouching I knew I needed to do use a picture I could work on for that. Addison doesn't get many bumps (yet) on her face, but I found this one from this week where she had hit her eye and it left a red mark. Perfect! Plus she was wearing pink!

Canon EOS Rebel XTi with 50mm f/1.8
f/3.5   1/250   ISO 200

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2/20

Chocolate ~ My new favorite treat, dark chocolate kisses, they are yummy!

Photography love...

Numbers ~ 1 bird and 7 power lines

Canned Food ~ Our recycling bin, with lots of random canned (and bottled) food, well what use to be food.

Music ~Daddy teaching Addison how to play the beat to a ODB song. Oh yes I said ODB.

Stack ~ Addison stacking her gears on one of her toys