Our (now) annual neighborhood Christmas party

We are extremely lucky that we live in a small neighborhood where there are a good amount of children that are all close in age and that enjoy playing together. Also that the parents all get along and like to talk and spend time together. We live at a dead end street and both in front and next door are families that we are lucky to call friends. We like to joke that we are the "stand in the street friends" since you can usually find us with all the kids running back and forth around the houses and the parents hanging out in the street talking and supervising.
This year we decided to have a little party for the kids and pull names and exchange gifts.
We had the party at my house and it was a lot of fun.
Addison waiting on all the guests to arrive.

She was sitting at the table so she could have full access to all the goodies!
I had a cookie decorating station set up but only the older kids were interested. Once the little ones got some sugar in them they were on the move with no chance of stopping to do anything.

Addison's (cardboard) house was a big hit for the kids and they were all trying to fit in the house.

The smallest member of the group, mom wanted to get a picture of her in this dress since it was one of her favorites of her older daughter and was starting to get to small for this munchkin.

Hello sugar!

Run Run Run the sugar off!

Where is you belly button?

Where did everyone go?
I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all.


Carrie said...

awh, they're adorable!!! i always wanted to throw a party where the whole neighborhood was invited. that seems really fun.

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Sarah said...

That is so cool. Looks like so much fun!

Branson said...

So fun! I am working on a cardboard "castle" for Aiden... I will have to post pictures if I ever finish it! Waiting for my sisters to bring me a couple more boxes ;)