11 Months (really late)

Wow I just realized that I didn't do Addison's 11 month post. I just some how forgot. So not much has changed since her 10 month post, she pretty much does all the same stuff. So I figured I would just show you what she does.
What was that mom, you want me to smile for the camera, not gonna happen, I'm just gonna give you this crazy stare off into space look.

I am also going to destroy the "backdrop" you are using, come on mom get a real one already.

Being bad is so much fun!
Aw man, you caught a sorta smile, I gotta watch my back you are fast with that camera.

Time to rest while I decide what else to destroy in the house.

Ah HA the kitty is hiding under the sheet, lets see if I can sneak up on him while he is not looking.
Darn he is to fast, just wait until I am walking cat you are in for it then!
Happy 11 months boogie, we love you!


Amateur Mommy said...

how cute is she!
and i am in LOVE with her outfit!
my daughter used to make that same scrunchy face!

new follower from the hop
would love a follow back :)


Summer said...

Your daughter is so cute! I love the 3rd photo.

CJR said...

Oh my! She's growing so fast, and she's just adorable. I'm glad you'll have these photos to embarrass her later on in life, lol!
Thanks for sharing....
CJR @ The Mommy Blog