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This was taken during Addison's first "snow" fall, if you can call it snow!

and then, she {snapped}
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Foto Friday ~ 2010 Memories
Addison when she was a wee baby May 2010

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scooting, licking and a new bag

The little one has figured out a new trick. Instead of crawling (or even trying to because she doesn't AT ALL) she has started scooting forward or backward on her butt. She just bends one leg and somehow moves herself with the other one. I swear she is never going to crawl she shows 0 interest in it. Her granny got her a play mat for Christmas to keep all of her toys on, and so that she won't have to be on the hard. cold wood. So of course what does she do, she will stay on it for a little while but then if I turn my back even for a second she is off.

And her new favorite thing to try and get to. Her bouncy seat so she can lick it. Some times she gets stuck because of a toy blocking her way and then she starts crying or she will accidentally sit on a toy and then "forget" how to get off and scream her head off. This afternoon she was playing and all of a sudden she started crying. She had gotten a toy from her kitchen stuck under one of her legs and it was hurting. So Mommy had to go save her.

Crazy kid!
In other exciting news I got in one of "Addison's" Christmas presents yesterday (okay maybe it was just an excuse to get something else), a new diaper bag. Don't get me wrong I liked her diaper bag but it was just not big enough. I have to lug so much stuff around with her that I needed a bigger bag to hold everything.

her original bag
her new bag.
It is a Fleurville and I got it for 55% off, score! It is nice and big and I love the colors, the black and white and then the pink lining and it came with its own wet bag, how cool is that. Plus it is bigger and can hold all of her stuff and it even feels lighter than the other one with more stuff crammed in.
Yea for new bags!
Oh and we had our recheck from her surgery with the ENT yesterday and she checked out fine. The doctor said the incision looked great, she was healing nicely and the swelling is pretty much gone. I sure hope she doesn't have to big of a scar from it.

Addison Hope's top 10!

I'm linking up with the top 10 pictures of your little one for 2010.
Here are my favorite pictures of Addison from 2010 (well some of them, it is really hard to choose my favorite and I fear I have left a few out)

  in chronological order

#1 ~ At 24 hours old.

#2 ~ about 1 week old (man it was nice when she would nap anywhere!)

#3 ~ 2 months old, I love her expression in this one

#4 ~ almost 4 months old

#5 ~ 5 1/2 months, watching daddy build the bridge

#6 ~ 5 1/2 months, this is the same expression my uncle use to make all the time according to my mom.

#7 ~ 6 months, at the FAIR!

#8 ~ 6 1/2 months, having fun with daddy.

#9 ~ a little over 7 months, picking out our Christmas tree

#10 ~ 7 month picture, I just love this one!

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Tootie, toot, TOOT

What is that you ask? Well that would be me tooting my own horn, well if I had one. Wanna know why?!
This is why:

picked #1

For real!!!! I'm so super excited!!!  This is my very first photo award, I have been entering a bunch of challenges but I certainly never expected to get in the top, let alone be picked #1. There were so many great photos (seriously you should go take a look at them, now) and I am just so excited!
Now I get to add a new tab to my blog pages
photo awards
Of course I guess it should actually say photo award but we will just be optimistic, right?!

8 month letter

Happy 8 months!!
Boy has it been a very eventful last month for you, little one!
You have been through so much in December, your first sickness, your first time sleeping overnight in another crib (thanks to the hospital stay, not exactly how I envisioned this to happen), your first emergency room visit, your first hospital stay (5 freaking days), your first surgery, a major holiday extravaganza (yea for Christmas!), your first snow, and learning all kinds on new things. Well maybe not so much the last one since you are still not crawling, walking, talking (though you do babble a lot so maybe Mommy has just missed it?!), feeding yourself, no teeth (but we do have gum swelling). I'm sure it will come in due time, and Mommy is sorta enjoying not having to chase you around yet!
Oh and BTW it is so much harder to get a good picture of you now, and I know it is only going to get harder as the months go on. You are still sleeping like a champ, you are down to 2 naps a day and you eat like a horse! You are eating 4 bottles and 3 solid meals and day, Plus you demand some of whatever we are eating too. You love pretty much all food. Mommy has been trying to get you to eat puffs and you will if I give them to you but you don't really seem interested in feeding them to yourself. You just grab a handful of them and then bang your fists on the highchair trying to get my attention so I will feed them to you. If that doesn't work you open your hand and give the dogs your puffs since you know I will pay attention then. Looks like your gonna be a handful!
Mommy is a little concerned about any lingering side effects from the surgery you had this month. The doctor said that because of where the surgery was (right behind your ear, on your neck) that they might hit some nerves and cause some slight numbness or facial paralysis and this picture seems to show that. However all your other pictures your face looks the same on both sides so hopefully this is just another one of your lovely facial expressions. I guess only time will tell if it is something to be worried about.
This is still your favorite expression and it doesn't seem to be effected at all, so that is good. You have also started to sorta wave at things and people, which you were trying to do here. You also do it when you are dancing to your music. You like to get 2 or 3 of your toys going at one time and then rock back and forth and wave your arms up and down. It is quite comical to watch.
I have a feeling them next month is going to bring on big changes, and we are very excited to see what is coming!
Mommy and Daddy love you bunches and bunches sweet cheeks!

Playing on her new play mat with all her new toys!


So can I start this post out saying how jealous I am of all the pictures on every ones blogs of the inches and inches of white stuff on the ground, being played in and captured on camera. Seeing as I live in the lowcountry we don't generally ever get snow (remember this post in February about the one time it snowed in 10+ years and lasted for 1 day) and if we do get any it melts as soon as it hits the ground. Which is precisely what happened on Sunday for Addison's first ever encounter with snow.
SEE snow in the hair!!!!! We had just gotten back from some day after Christmas sale shopping when the white stuff started flying *scoffs*. So of course I needed to get a physical record of her first "snow" not that you can really call it that but just play along. Okay?
It was actually falling from about noon to well after dark and it did accumulate on the cars, trashcans, and the little bridge the hubs built us and it stayed there through most of the next day. I guess we will have to take what we can get, right?
Man do I need to color my hair again. Time to add that to the list of things to pick up at Target! Do you see the pretty snow falling?!
Again with the hair, holy crap my color faded fast this time, and I can't even blame the greys on the kid, they were there long before she came, thanks mom!
The hubs was such a good sport, he hates taking pictures but he knows how much I love them so he suffers through it. It is only going to get worse now that I have my new camera and am learning how to take better pictures!
So that was our big day after Christmas snow! Exciting right? Did I mention that I got Photoshop for Christmas and I just got the time (and found the tutorial for how to load) Pioneer Woman's action sets, and can I say WOOHOO! I love them and I love learning how to use them. It helps that I took Kim's skinny mini course and I know I am just covering the easiest stuff but it is amazing all the stuff you can do to a picture! It is so much FUN, I just had to throw that in there.

Addison's first Christmas

Addison's first Christmas was a very busy one. This was actually the first Christmas that they hubs and I have been together for Christmas morning. I always went to my Grandma's house in NC and he always stayed behind to take care of the dogs and spent the holidays with his parents. I would come back home sometime Christmas day and then we would be together but this was the first year we woke up on Christmas together, it was nice!
So to begin with we let Addison open one gift Christmas eve, we always did that when I was little so I figured why not. She was really good at learning to open the gifts, she was even handing the paper to Daddy.
She had some fun playing with her new toy and then it was off to bed.
The next morning we got up got some breakfast, sausage balls and coffee for me and a big bacon, egg, grits and croissant breakfast for the hubs, and then started letting the little one go to town.

Sweet Shot Day
She was doing good at giving the paper to Daddy at first, and then she realized how much fun it was to shove it in her mouth, so that was the end of the handing it over!
She got a bunch of toys (mostly from her grandparents, we actually didn't buy her much since we knew they would go a little nuts. She did enjoy dancing to the music that her new table makes. Yes that is her dancing.

I got her some DVDs which ended up being the thing she enjoyed chewing on/playing with the most. She also enjoyed watching A Christmas Story which was on all day long.
Next it was nap time. Which thankfully was almost 3 hours long. It was the only nap she got all day and she was so so good! She let everyone hold her and love on her and she didn't fuss or cry at all. If one good thing came out of her going to the hospital I think it was that she doesn't seem bothered by people she doesn't know now.
Next it was off to Granny and Grandpa's house to see the whole extended family (not even kidding like 20 adults and 10 kids in one house). Where she got more gifts and money for her saving account. She was very excited as you can see.

I think she was trying to keep the other kids away from her new toys.
Playing hide and seek with one of her many cousins.
The rest of the cousins were over at the other aunt's house where we all headed for dinner. They alternate every other holiday and either my in laws or my husband's aunt and uncle's house. Pretty much the whole family comes down for every major holiday. They are a very close family. We went over for Thanksgiving this year too but she wouldn't let anyone near her. She was a million times more friendly and social this time!
Then it was back home after dinner where my parent's came in from NC to see the little one and give her more gifts!

I thought her face in this was so funny! I mean what is she doing?
Over all it was a great, very busy day and the little one had a great first Christmas!!! I couldn't have asked for anything more, well maybe snow but......