My baby is sick

The little one is sick for the first time in her life today. It is a sad day in our house. She was very cranky yesterday and last night I though she felt warm so I took her temp, 100.4. So I gave her some Tylenol and checked on her through out the night. She felt fine all night and her temp was normal when she woke up. She was, however, NOT in better spirits.
I decided to watch her and see how she did throughout the day. She started crying at one point when she was eating her bottle so I decided to take her temp again and it was back up 101.4 this time. So I called the doctor and they worked us in.
Well we get to the doctor and she was not running a fever (of course) probably because I had just given her some more medicine 2 hours before so she could take a nap and not be uncomfortable. Well the doc looked her over and said her lungs sounded good, her ears looked great but her throat was very very red. She said there was not much we could do but treat her symptoms since it was most likely due to a virus (probably the same thing the both my brother and I had). So she is getting something for her fever and I am trying to give her some water or Pedialyte but she does not like it at all. Poor thing is so clingy, fussy and sad.
Its gonna be a long night it this house hold. I just worry so much about her that I am going to be up all the time making sure she is okay. Not to mention the mommy guilt that has been nagging me all day, I just keep thinking that if I could have breast fed her she probably wouldn't be sick right now. Stupid milk production!

To end the night on a happy note my new camera came in!!!! I'm super excited. It is a Canon Power Shot SX20 IS. I was going to go with a DSLR (the Nikon d3100 to be exact) but I figured this one is probably a little more user friendly since I really know nothing about cameras and lets face it the 3100 is expensive (my mom bought me this as my Christmas gift, I got it at a steal $240) and I don't have a job. So this was a much more economical choice. My plan is to learn all the manual stuff on this camera and then once I have that somewhat mastered then I will spring for a DSLR. Maybe next Christmas. Still a million times better than my little Canon point and shoot.

Side note

So I just recently noticed that my Facebook friend numbers were going down. I decided to do a little snooping and see if I could figure out who was unfriending me (I mean the nerve!). Some of it was just random people that I don't really care about (sad but true) but a few of my unfriending were FAMILY! I was shocked. I mean they are family. Plus don't they want to see updates of this cute face?
Comeon?! I know the reason that some of them unfriending me, lets just say they have different "views" than I do and they got annoyed with me about certain things (meaning they are close minded jerks who are self righteous and think their poo don't stink). However I was a little confused by one of them. That is until I heard she was expecting and decided to send her a message since we are no longer friends (not my doing). This is what I got back in response.
Thanks so much! Your baby love is absolutley beautiful!! My parents are crazy excited. :) Im sorry we dont keep up on here, I just figured it would be easier since I hate your sister with a passion. It has nothing to do with you, I've always loved you and (my brother name taken out just because). Hope you and your family are well. Love you. ♥

WOW, I guess somethings are better left unfriended! Gotta love family, right?!
No worries if they aren't friends on FB I am sure they don't read this and if they do well, they are jerks and I don't care if I hurt their feelings!

Photo challenges

I Heart Faces: Scenic B&W
Somewhere in Alabama, we stopped along the side of the road.

Paper Heart Camera's Show and Tell Self Portrait Challenge: Comfort

Tell: Nothing says southern comfort like some fried chicken and mac and cheese! This was our first trip post baby for our aanniversary we went to Savannah, GA and ate dinner at Paula Deen's Lady and Sons restaurant.
Photography love...

Steppin’ Out Saturday {11.27.10}

Okay so I am cheating on the Steppin Out part, but this was on Saturday so it does count!
Dress: Hanna Andersson (that I found at a consignment shop for 7 bucks!)
Shoes: Gift from her Granny (from Tuesday Morning I think)
Month sticker: Sticky Bellies
Amber teething necklace

Photo challenges Sunday

Another new photo challenge. Scavenger Hunt Sunday (my first one) and my Paper Mama photo challenge: Black and White
Black and White

The Paper Mama

I Ate This (at the Lady and Sons in Savannah, GA)

Historic (at Mammoth Cave)
Off Center

The End

Photo challenges

This was part of Addison's 7 month photo shoot, I do one every month. I am trying out new things now that I am trying to improve my photography skills. I was just messing around with the manual settings on my point and shoot trying to figure things out. I just love her expression in this picture and I love the angle, plus the light outside was really good!

and then, she {snapped}


PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

7 months

Boogie aka Sweet Cheeks,

Today you are 7 months old. I don't even know the words to express how much love and pure joy you have brought into our lives. I can honestly say that I love you so much that it hurts sometimes. I know people say that the moment you bring a baby into the world you love them right away, and that is true, but the amount that my love has grown in a mere 7 months is astounding. There are not words to describe it. At the rate it is going I'm gonna need a few more hearts to contain it all. As I have said before you are such a good baby (most of the time at least) and it is so much fun to watch you grow, explore, learn, master new skills, and I am looking forward to all the things to come in the next month.
So what have you been up to this month? Well you are eating great, 2 meals a day plus 4 bottles. You have been sleeping like a champ, all night long from 7 to 7 or 7:30, with 2 or 3 naps during the day.

You can sit all on your own and you don't topple over (well unless you are being lazy and get tired) and you are working on the skills needed to crawl. You can get up on your knees and hands but you end up pushing yourself backwards and then you get annoyed. You are starting to get worse with the stranger anxiety and tend to go overwhelmed easily (just like your Mommy did when she was younger!)
You LOVE to make noises and faces and seem to have a new noise or new facial expression every day. You have even started putting some sounds together that you hear all the time like ha (hi, which I say a lot) and da (although your Daddy would like to think you are trying to say Dada I think you are trying to say dog). Speaking of the dogs and cats you LOVE them! You scream at them and if they get close enough all you want to do is touch them.
In the morning when I go in to get you out of your crib as soon as I pick you up you start looking for the dogs. They go in to greet you even before I can get to your room. You crane you neck to find them and then you start screaming and bouncing up and down in my arms (another of your favorite things to do right now, bounce and kick your legs no matter where you are). You like to be thrown in the air and bounced really high in your Johnny jump that hangs in the doorway.
Your Daddy says you are nosey like your Mommy but you just like to know what is going on and you are very inquisitive and observant. When you are in a good mood you can charm the heck out of anyone and when we are out so many people comment on how pretty you are. I know I am a little biased but I think you are gorgeous!
We love you so much Cheeks!
Love Mommy and Daddy

Turkey day 2010

My mom, brother, me, Addison, Carlton and my brother's roommate had Thanksgiving at my house this year. We spent most of our turkey day either cooking, eating, or playing with/ entertaining Addison.
She was trying to grab the lamp, apparently it is the new, cool thing!

Uncle John letting her chew on his glasses.
Just look at this delish bird! I used a recipe from Pioneer Woman for the brining and Tyler Florence's split turkey recipe to cook it and man was it good!

Just some of the wonderful food we had. My mom and I always go overboard on the food. We had turkey, ham, peas and butterbeans, mac and cheese, corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, potato and bacon casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, and chocolate delight for desert.

After we had eaten and cleaned up me and the hubs and Addison trekked over to Carlton's parents for the family festivities on that side of the family. Addison was, to put it nicely, HORRIBLE! She cried the whole time if anyone tried to look at her or talk to her or God forbid try and hold her. She wouldn't even let Carlton hold her. I am sure she was overwhelmed, since most of the people she had never met and there were a lot of them and they were LOUD. It was at least 6 kids and probably 15 or 20 adults and 2 yapping dogs that were upset at being locked all day. It was hot in the house and she was just not in the mood. She wouldn't go to her granny or grandpa or anyone. I had to hold her the whole time. Once someone said something about my spoiling her and how I needed to bring her over more so she could get use to everyone but I kept my mouth shut. It is phase and I guess people don't remember that their kids did the same thing. My mom said I was really bad about being clingy to her so it looks like Addison is taking after me in that respect. We stayed out past her bedtime and she crashed in the car seat on the way home. She was tired!


I have so much to be thankful for this season.
This is what I am the most thankful for!

Helping Mommy cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Puppy wrangling!

My Family of course (I wish we could all be together this season) I miss you little sis!
My friends (granted this is just one of them and my sister but is this not the funniest picture?) Yes this was my wedding and yes we were drunk and laying on the ground!

Giveaway winner time!

Thanks you to everyone who took the time to enter my first giveaway!
Without further ado here is the lucky winner picked via

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max:  68
Result: 29
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Well there you have it comment #29 which was:

Tutus N' Trucks said...

I 'LIKED'/Voted for Addison. Sooo cute!!!

I have contacted the winner and they have 48 hours to respond.
Again thank you to all who entered, hopefully I will be contacted for more fun giveaways! No worries tho I will not turn this blog into giveaway central (although I have nothing against blogs that do/are since I enter the giveaways all the time!).

Sweet shot Tuesday

Of course this is what I am most Thankful for!
Even if she is getting ready to eat my ottoman.
Sweet Shot Day

skill masterer and the sign anger.

I decided that it would be a good idea to try and teach Addison some sign language so she can better communicate with us until she is able to verbalize her wants and needs. I don't know many words yet, I guess need to go get a book or something, sadly most of the words I know are from the movie Meet The Fockers. You know where the little kid does that whole line of signs that ends with poop, I laugh every.single.time, sometimes it is the small things. So we decided to start with "eat" and "milk". Easy enough right?
Well this is the nice face I get every time I do "eat", which is twice a day when she gets solid foods. Sometimes she throws her head back and lets out a scream as if to say feed me now and give it up with the stupid hand motions. As for the "milk" signal as soon as I start to even say the word (right before I give her the bottle) she flings herself back and starts kicking and wailing and in general showing her distaste for my interruption of her bottle time. Man she get MAD. I wonder if this is a normal reaction to learning sign language or if I am doing something wrong?

We also decided to try out some puffs and see how she did with them. She couldn't seem to get them to her mouth, they kept getting stuck on her hand. When I did give them to her she would play with them in her mouth a little and then she finally would gum them and swallow. So not really sure if that was a success or not. I guess we will have to try again.
I have also been working on her mastering an important skill, getting her paci back in her own mouth. She would try and try to get it back in and just end up chewing on the handle or on the side of the paci. I have been keeping an extra paci in her crib (she goes to bed with one in her mouth it is the only way she will go to sleep). The other day I went in to get her from her nap and this is what I found.

Success! Maybe? Looks like we need to work on the correct insertion in the mouth.
She will not use any other paci but this kind. I wish she would use the ones that can go either way but she just does not like those.

Steppin’ Out Saturday {11.20.10}

Right before we were heading out to Target

Close up of the shoes

top: The Children's Place
pant: The Little Seed for Target
shoes: won on a blog contest made by Bikki's BeeHive
amber teething necklace