Steppin’ Out Saturday {10.30.10}

shirt ~ Children's Place
jeans ~ Old Navy
shoes ~ Shoopers

shirt ~ Target
sweater ~ Old Navy
jeans ~ Tommy Hilfiger
shoes ~ Rainbow
jewelry (necklace and ring) ~ Charleston Gate Jewelry

shirt ~ Old Navy
jeans ~ Levi's
shoes ~ Nike

Picture taken on our way to the fair!! More on that to come.
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Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Big girl car seat

We switched Addison to the big girl car seat. She seems to like it better (though not evident by this face!). Now I just have to figure out how to get some toys attached somewhere so she can stay entertained!

6 Months!

Boggie boo,

You, my crazy little punkin, are 6 months old today, 1/2 a year. WOW. It is so hard to believe that it has been that long that we have had the joy of being your parents. You have changed so much from that little tiny baby that I cradled in my arms. You have major personality now, and you like to let people know how you feel. You have started to have some stranger anxiety (actually about pretty much everyone but Mommy and Daddy) and you make the funniest (though not very nice face) at people to tell them to back off. You have the funniest facial expressions and sometimes we just sit on the couch and laugh at you (which btw you DO NOT like). You love to make all kinds of sounds, you yell at the dogs to try and get them to come over and see you, you razz, squeal, grunt, spit, moan, and you are actually starting to make a sound that resembles HI! Whenever you see someone, especially if they are not paying attention to you, you say ha ha ha ha over and over until they look at you. I guess that comes from me always saying hi to you when I go to get you from your crib.
You love to eat and you are sleeping like a champ at night (thank GOD!). I am guessing that your probably weigh at least 20lbs, but we will find out on Monday when you go for your 6 month checkup. We have switched you to your big girl car seat and you love it! It is still rear facing but it gives you more wiggle room. You have started sitting in a highchair when we go to restaurants, you have to be able to see everything that goes on, you are so very very nosy! You love all the dogs and you seem very interested in animals in general, I can't wait to take you to the fair this weekend! It's going to be a blast! You have started sleeping on your belly some nights and you give Mommy such a hard time because you like to press your face into the crib mattress and she worries about your breathing, but I guess your still alive so all is well. You love to sit in your bouncy that hangs in the doorway and have Daddy bounce you super high. You just laugh and laugh. You also like to be tossed in the air, you just squeal with delight. Gosh, having you in our lives has made life SO MUCH better it is hard to find the words to express it! I can't wait to see what the next 6 months and beyond bring!

We love you so so much!!!!
Mommy and Daddy and all the dogs and cats (well I think right now Phoenix is harboring a grudge since you pulled that big chunk of his hair out the other day, but I am sure he will get over it soon)

Sunday fun

Spending some quality time with Daddy on Sunday morning, while Mommy sips her coffee and snaps pics! (man do I need a DSLR camera ASAP!!!!!!!!)

the paper mama photo challenge: Black and White

So here is our little one when she was even littler! I just love that hat, I hope it still fits her big ole head!

The Paper Mama

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To all my wonderful followers, my cute, lovely daughter is a finalist in the Parent's magazine Cover Contest. (how fun is that?!)
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Steppin' out Saturday {10-23-10}

dress: thrifted
leggings: BabyLegs
Shoes: Trumpette Too (Target)
Hairbow: A gift from Granny

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Just a few random updates/stories. I am having some issues with uploading pictures on here. I can only get them to upload from Picasa which is a pain in the A$$! It just started 2 days ago. I really hope they get it fixed soon.
Anyway, so I was sitting in our living room yesterday morning and I heard this boom. I thought maybe it was one of the dogs or something so I didn't really pay it much attention. A little while later when I went outside to let the dogs out I found this.

It was laying right by the ac unit right up against the house. It fell from the large tree that takes up most of our back yard. My husband drug it over here to get it away from the house. Any bets on how long it takes him to remove it from the yard?
This is the most annoying pecan tree that sits right behind our house. It is huge and drops pecans ALL THE TIME, and when it is not dropping pecans the stinking squirrels are throwing them at us. Yes we have vindictive squirrels that love our tree. Oh and random fact, you have to have at least 2 pecan trees for them to produce pecans that are edible. So it is a useless, annoying tree that stops all grass from growing in our yard. The ironic thing is that we have a tree guy that is coming out to limb it up so that it doesn't do any damage to the house with falling limbs. He was 2 or 3 weeks out on his jobs when we set it up 2 weeks ago. Luckily it didn't seem to do any damage but it definitely hit the roof and was actually on top of the ac unit. Stupid tree.
Funny story, the other morning I was getting some stuff done around the house and the hubs was sitting on the floor playing with Addison. I heard her start fussing and went to get her to put her down for a nap. As he handed her up to me I noticed something looked funny under the dress she was wearing. Upon closer inspection I was that her diaper had become undone and was hanging on by one side. She was wearing on of the 2 Velcro diapers we have. I was laughing so hard I forgot to take a picture. The is why I am 100% a snaps for cloth diapers girl!
Random thought I had while I was browsing through my Google reader today. 2 of the blogs I follow (no worries about mentioning them on here since neither of them follow my blog, sad face) both had the same title today: We have a Tooth! Seriously it was exactly the same title, same capital letters, same punctuation. Anyway the point in mentioning that was to say that both blogs are about little boys one is almost 7 months and one is 11 months and they both got their first tooth today. I just thought that really showed how different kids are and how we should stop trying to always compare our kids to see if they are "normal". Both of these boys are normal healthy kids developing at their own rates. I know I am guilty of this myself. In fact my neighbor has a little girl that is 3 weeks younger than Addison and she is crawling! I mean I saw it with my own two eyes when I was babysitting for her the other day. Of course my first thought was "she is younger than Addison and already crawling?! there must be something wrong with my child" and then "Oh no she didn't (in my best gangsta voice, head roll), my child is older she should do everything first". Childish yes but I think we are all guilty of this. My next thought was about all the things that Addison does so well. I had to remind myself that our children are different and they are going to do things at a different pace and they will have different personalities. I have a feeling I am going to struggle with this having children so close in age that are going to be growing up together (since neither of us are going anywhere any time soon). I just have to remember to focus on the positives. I mean how lucky it is that Addison is going to have a playmate her own age that is right next door?!

chow hound

So a really funny, cute thing has happened in our house in the last week or so. Addison has been eating baby food now for probably about a month. At first she was just so so about eating what I offered her. Some days she would eat it all and then other days she would take 2 or 3 little bites and that was it. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that she seemed much more eager to eat her afternoon serving of food. That went on for a few days and then she started to get mad when we would be finished with the food. I started mixing in a serving of oatmeal to see if she would eat even more food (she really doesn't care for rice or oatmeal plain). She was mowing through that and was still annoyed when we would get done. I decided to start giving her food at breakfast too. We started doing fruit mixed with oatmeal in the morning and veggies with oatmeal mixed together for afternoon.

Now she LOVES eating. She lunges forward to try and get to the spoon quicker, she tries to grab the bowl and the spoon and pulls my hand to her mouth. If I am not fast enough she gets mad and tries to eat her bib. It is so funny. Also all the old foods that she didn't really seem to like she loves now (well except avocado she still doesn't like that). It is so funny and always makes me laugh!

25 weeks

This giggly, spitty baby is 25 weeks old today (she is more spitty that giggly) I removed her bib just long enough to get a picture. She goes through, no lie, 5 or 6 bibs a day because they get so covered in slobber. This has been going on for at least 2 months now and not one sign of teeth. I mean come on don't we get some reward for all the spitting? Well I guess all that cuteness has to balanced out with something right?

sign language would have been helpful

It was sorta like this only a lot louder and with lots of crying. She looks thrilled!

Bed time last night was a disaster. Luckily I am sitting here writing this as the little one is asleep at her normal time tonight! So our normal routine is she gets a bottle, then every other night she gets a bath, which she absolutely loves, then she gets dresses for bed, plays a little on her tummy. Then I give her the paci, zip her up in her sleep sac and rock her for maybe a minute or two. Then she gets put in her crib still awake I give her the lovey and she falls fast asleep. She has been doing this like a champ for at least 2 weeks now no problems. She always falls asleep on her own usually within 5 minutes. Sometimes she will roll around and talk to herself but she always falls asleep pretty quickly.
Last night she did everything normal up until the falling asleep part. I put her down and she started crying a little. Then a lot. Then SCREAMING, sobbing, flailing. This was not her normal "I'm upset but I will calm down soon" cry. So I went in and picked her up. She was red faced, crying, heaving, air sucking and nothing I did was soothing her. I tried rocking, shushing, I took her blanket off and checked her diaper. Nothing. I took her temperature to see if she had a fever, it was normal. She was still crying and now it had escalated to babababababababa along with the crying (she only does bababa when she is really upset). Plus she was so out of breath from all the screaming she was doing that she was gasping for breath. I tried taking her outside and she calmed down a little but she was still crying. After about 30 minutes of this she finally was not crying but she was still trying to catch her breath. I decided to giver her some baby Tylenol in case she was hurting somewhere (I was thinking maybe her ears only because I had horrible ear infections as a baby) and I gave her the paci and just held her for 30 minutes until was finally brave enough to put her back in her crib. She whimpered a little but she finally fell asleep.
She must have exhausted herself because I don't think she moved at all until 7am. The worst part was that I just didn't know what was wrong with her and I couldn't figure it out with the normal things you check. I am dreading the day she gets sick and I don't know how to make everything better (knock on wood). I think I am going to start teaching her sign language. I have been thinking about it some but my sister suggested it and I think Addison is at the age she can start learning it. I mean she copies everything else we do so it should be pretty easy.
practicing for the crawl, man is she cute or what?

Steppin' out Saturday {10-16-10}

Top and pants: Carter's
Shoes: Shoopers from Mom's Blankies on Etsy

I just had to include a close up of those shoes they are super adorable and handmade. They are dabomb!
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mobile wannabe

I knew it was going to happen soon enough. I woke up last night about 5am and looked at the video monitor and our little girl had turned over in her crib and was sleeping on her belly. If you know me at all you know I of course freaked out, got up from bed went into her room to make sure she was okay and turn her over. Yes I know that if they can roll themselves over they are probably okay but she has never rolled over to her belly before. She was sound asleep and when I rolled her over she was not very happy. She was awake for about 30 minutes after that trying to get back to her belly and then gave up and went back to sleep. She is really trying to master rolling over both ways and she is even trying to push up and lift her belly off the ground and pull her legs under her. I think we are going to have a mobile baby soon.
Trying her hardest to get the big ole belly off the ground
Man this is hard work

Nightime cloth diapering

One of the blogs I follow, Diary of a Devil Dog Wife, is having a week of giveaways and posts centered around nighttime cloth diapering and the trial and error that goes along with it. I know I am looking forward to it because to tell you the truth we had such issues with nighttime cloth diapering I have given up and we have been using disposables for nighttime. SO I am hoping to get some good advice (and maybe win something that would make nighttime diapering easier)!!! Go over and take a look!
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24 weeks old

Doesn't she look so stinking cute in her little jeans!!!!

The best thing about 24 weeks, her eye is FINALLY not draining anymore. It has been draining (blocked tear duct) since she was about 1 month old. It is about freakin time.
The second best thing about 24 weeks, she is sleeping through the night again, consistently! Thank the Lord! Oh and by the way are those curls not the cutest thing ever.... however she is completely bald on the other side of her head. Hopefully one day both sides will look like this. She has also rubbed a patch off of the back of her head (which you can see at the top of the picture) that goes all the way around her head. Daddy calls her Mr. T since she has so much hair on top.
She has so much fun in the tub now. She loves splashing and playing, it is too cute.

Happy fall

We decided to have some fun taking some fall/pumpkin/gourd pictures the other day. I think they turned out super cute!
She thought that the gourd looked mighty tasty. So we decided to move onto a real pumpkin.
I guess the pumpkin didn't look quite as appetizing to her. Hope everyone is having a great fall (although it is in the upper 80s here today so not feeling quite like fall, hopefully soon).

the bridge!

It is so nice having a husband who is handy. We bought our house where it is partly because we are directly next to the Greenway. The Greenway is protected land that runs about 9 miles along the section of town we live in. It is a walking/jogging/biking trail. It is so nice that we live right next to it, BUT we didn't have easy access to it because we had a huge ditch between us and the Greenway.
Enter the handy husband
He decided to build us a bridge so that we could get to the Greenway right from our house
This is how high the grass/weeds were in the ditch next to the Greenway
We were chilling on the back of Daddies truck watching him work!

He made it wide enough so that we could get the strollers across and gave it a lip so we wouldn't fall off the sides. He also made support braces so that it wouldn't sag in the middle since it had to be over 10 ft to fit over the ditch. Man he is good!

Now we can use the Greenway whenever we want!!
Everyone in the neighborhood is loving the bridge
Thanks Baby!!!!!!!

23 weeks old

Addison is 23 weeks old, and to celebrate she decided to sleep all night last night. We had been having some regression from our previously great sleeping habits so we did some tweaking and started putting her to bed super early. It has been working like a charm except for the fact that she was back to waking up every night to eat a full bottle some time between 12 and 1am. I was glad that she was actually sleeping again and not getting up 5 and 6 times at night, but I have to say the whole getting up to feed and change her was not fun. However last night she slept all night long except for waking up at 5am because she couldn't find her paci and because she was freezing. So I popped her paci back in and turned the heat on and she slept until 8am. I wish I could say the same for me but I was awake a lot of the night just waiting for her to cry for a bottle. Hope that this continues.
It is finally starting to get cool here! I LOVE the cool weather and all the it brings. Sweaters, fall leaves, the fair, hot chocolate, pumpkins, the fair, and where we live you can still wear flip flops pretty much year round. Win win! Did I mention the FAIR! I can't wait to go this year and take Addison. I just love all the people and the food and the animals. I actually had my bachelorette party at the fair the year I got married. It was so much fun.

My friends even won me a bride bear, and yes I do still have it.

In other news I have been doing okay with the daily walking but I can tell my motivation is going out the window. My neighbor who I walk with us is in the process of trying to get her little girl to sleep better at night, using the book I mentioned before Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, so she is on a different sleep pattern right now and she can't always walk with me. Whenever she can't walk I find myself not wanting to go. Hopefully I can keep myself on track, and hopefully our kids will get on the same schedule so I have someone to hold me accountable.
Oh and look at how well Addison is sitting up, she is going to be mobile in no time. Guess we better get on the baby proofing, geez she is growing up so fast!