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I have a great IRL friend that just started blogging. She is going through some rough stuff right now so please head on over to her brand new blog and show her some love. She has a chronic illness and her @$$hole soon to be EX husband is divorcing her so she could use some Internet love.
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Unfortunately it is pretty entertaining to have your life going down the drain.

Happy 5 months

Happy 5 months my little Addison Hope!
Man has this month been a roller coaster! You are learning new and exciting things every day!!! Just in the last month we started you on baby food (so far so good, mostly), you are doing all kinds of new noises, blowing raspberries, squealing, giggling, screaming. You are sleeping without your swaddle blankets, you can sit up all on your own. You are become so much more of your own person now. You have opinions and you like to make them known. You love the dogs and you squeal and throw yourself towards them whenever you want to see them. You love to grab at Showtime and stick your fingers in her mouth or pull on her ears (she is at your height so I think that is why you go for her). You stand up on our laps all the time and don't really like to be still anymore. You proved that by falling of the couch and causing Mommy to have a heart attack.
You love to put everything in your mouth and you are so much better at coordinating what you want to do with what you actually do. You can pull things and throw things and pass them from one hand to the other and then right in the mouth! We have started putting you to bed much earlier and you seem to be so  much happier now that you are getting better sleep! You are rarely ever fussy now. You do get up once at night to eat but then you put yourself right back to sleep. We had a rough start with the sleeping thing but it is so much better now that Mommy has figured out your schedule and you have figured out how to put yourself to sleep instead of Mommy rocking you to sleep.

You love to sleep with your lovey, BUT you like to put him over your entire face so Mommy only lets you have him just to go to sleep for naps and then she moves him so you don't suffocate yourself.
You had your first trip in the front of a shopping cart (you loved it). You love our morning walks and you love meeting new people (especially when they talk about how stinking cute you are). It is amazing how fast you grow and learn and Mommy is so happy that she gets to see all of it!!!
We love you little boog boog!
Love Mommy and Daddy

21 weeks: couch surfing and sleep issues

Okay things are finally starting to get more normal around here. Phew! It has been a very busy, difficult couple of days.
First, on Saturday night Addison fell of the couch. It was totally my fault. I was walking through the living room to go make her a bottle and I stepped on our rug and felt something wet. Thanks to one of our lovely dogs we had a nice wet pee spot on the rug so I decided to clean that up before making her bottle. So I sat her on the couch right in front of me and proceeded to clean up the mess. I glanced up at her and she was just siting up on the couch (she can officially sit on her own now, just happened one day!) and the next thing I know I hear a bang and screaming. I ran over and grabbed her and she calmed down pretty quickly, she had a little red spot on her cheek but otherwise I didn't see anything. I however freaked out. I was home alone and none of my neighbors were home. I called my mom hysterically crying and she calmed me down. At that point Addison was acting completely normal, trying to pull my hair out and grab the phone and babbling. I decided to watch her and fed her a little bit of food (I didn't want her to vomit). This was around 6pm. I kept her up a little later that night to keep an eye on her and of course I didn't sleep at all I was up almost every hour checking on her. She is perfectly fine, not even a bump on her big ole head.

Right after Sat she started having trouble staying asleep at night. By trouble I mean it was like having a newborn again. By Wed night I was at my wits end and was up at 2 am researching what could be causing this. I decided to get the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child  by Dr. Weissbluth. So far it has worked GREAT! I would highly recommend this book to anyone with a child or getting ready to have one. He is very scientific in his evidence about why children have sleep problems and what to do about them. Last night I decided to put Addison to sleep way earlier that she is use to. She is normally in bed between 9 and 9:30 and it the book he recommends all children have an earlier bedtime so I has her in bed asleep by 7:30, and she slept THROUGH THE NIGHT! Not waking up til 6:30 and then going back to sleep til 7:30. I hope this continues and I can't wait to finish the book and see what other things he recommends.
First trip in the front of a shopping cart!
Then Wed I noticed a noise in our bathroom that sounded like running water. I thought maybe it was the toilet but upon further inspection I realized that the noise was coming from under our floor. So I sent the hubs up under the house and sure enough we have a pipe leaking under the floor. Easy enough, right? Well maybe if the people who remodeled our home (before we bought it) actually did things right but NO they did it all themselves and we have had trouble with the plumbing since we bought the house. First our dishwasher was leaking all over our floor then our bedroom wall fell in because the pipe to the tub was spraying water. Not to mention that our bedroom is an addition and is built on a slab so you can't really get to the leak. The plumber is going to try and fix it from under the house but if he can't, well then looks like we will be picking out new flooring after this fun ordeal. Plus the plumber is busy until later today or possibly Monday.
Anyway I will leave you with some fun pictures of Addison's new favorite faces.

Oh and despite all of this crazies going on here I managed to walk every day but one! Go ME!


We have had a rough couple of days (or more accurately nights). I will update more when I get a chance but it includes my child falling off the couch (she is fine) and not sleeping well at night (like back to newborn waking up at all hours nights) and our floor in our bathroom is leaking water all over (and under) the floor. SO I will be back once I have more time to write.

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20 weeks and another scare

My baby is 20 weeks old! We celebrated by deciding to stay up from 4 to 7am Tuesday morning...... Actually she was celebrating and Mommy was NOT. After over a week of sleeping through the night this was not fun. However I think I might have figured out what caused this fun little 3 hour adventure. We have started Addison on food and Monday was her first day of bananas. She seemed okay with them. So Tuesday we had them again. Things didn't go quite as well. She had some peas (which she has had now 5 days in a row and we had just a little left so I didn't want to waste it) and then a little banana. Once she ate what she wanted I got her bottle ready and got her out of her highchair and sat down to give her the bottle. She was not acting normal, she was fussy and did not want to eat her bottle. It had been 4 hours since she had a bottle so I knew she had to be hungry so I put her on my shoulder to see if she needed to burp. Then things go a little scary. She got really pale and sorta clammy and her eyes got sorta glazed over and she was acting like she was tired or had no energy. I FREAKED THE F OUT. I jumped of the couch and ran out the front door (don't ask me why I wasn't really thinking clearly). Once I got outside I grabbed her off my shoulder and she was still looking pale, clammy and had the weird glazed eyes so I stuck my finger in her mouth to make sure she could get air in and that there was nothing in her mouth (not that there was anything that could have gotten in there). Plus she was moving her mouth in a weird way. At this point she vomited on me and I RAN to my next door neighbor's house. She has a little girl that is 3 weeks younger than Addison and she has an older child so I figured she could help me. By the time she opened the door Addison was looking more normal and my neighbor had us come in (I'm sure I was a SIGHT!!). We stayed there and she watched her with me for a little bit and she seemed back to normal. I don't know if they made her nauseous and that is what all the clammy, pale, eye stuff was but later on in the day she vomited up again (not usual for her at all, sometimes she spits up but this was full out vomit). So no more bananas for a long long time!
Such a fun way to spend her 20 week day!

Other than that the new walking/weightloss thing is going well and she is getting bigger and bigger and learing all kinds of new things.

Baby food making

I decided that I was going to try and attempt to make Addison's baby food since I don't have a job and I have the time, not to mention it would save us at least a little bit of money. I did some research and found some other blog mommas that had posted some of the recipes for the foods they made their little ones and it didn't look to hard. I purchased a food processor and some organic produce and got down to work. Just like with everything baby related there is a bit of a learning curve.
Aforementioned food processor. I really like this one! It got great reviews, was not too expensive, and matches my kitchen. The "baby food processors" are ridiculous in price and the same freaking thing!
My little helper. She was just chilling in her highchair and keeping herself entertained by throwing her toys on the ground so I would have to pick them up.
This was our second batch of food, sweet potatoes, green beans and sweet peas.
All ready to go in the freezer.
So as for the learning curve. I decided to start out making apples, peaches, bananas, avocado, sweet peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears and we had butternut squash baby food from some friends so I didn't need to make that. Most of them turned out great. You just steam them (not in the microwave apparently not good for baby food) and then process them in the food processor with either water, some formula or breast milk. Quite easy. However bananas DO NOT freeze well once they have been mashed. They turn into something not recognizable and not feedable. So bananas have to be fed fresh. Also little green peas have that little skin that does not grind up so they also don't work. I should have known this since the same friends that gave us the baby food also give their little boy those great freeze dried fruits and veggies and I remember him getting choked up on the skins. So green peas have to be bought, not made. The rest of the stuff however came out great! Can't wait til she is a little older and I can start really experimenting with her foods and flavors! Anyway so far pretty good.

Walk it off

So I have decided it is time to get my butt into gear and get some of this baby (and prebaby) weight off. I am going to start walking with the little one every day, now that it is cooling down. Of course by cooling down here I mean not 105 with a heat index of 115. It is in the 90s. Here is our first official "weight loss walk"
She was enjoying it way more than Mommy was (exercise is not one of my favorite activities, eating however IS which is how we got here in the first place, Right?). Not to mention this was her first time in her "big girl" seat attachment to the stroller. She seemed to like the freedom.
My neighbor (who had a little girl 3 weeks after Addison was born) is also a stay at home mom and we are going to try and coordinate walking together in the mornings. That will be great for me since I sometimes can lack motivation.
Working out is was more exhausting that I thought!

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all night long

Sleeping at night has been a HUGH success! I don't want to jinx myself quick knock on wood but Addison has slept though the night now 4 nights IN A ROW!!!! From 9pm to after 8am. It is lovely to not have to get out of bed once I get in it. I haven't done that since my bladder started protesting around 5 months pregnant. Maybe she didn't like being swaddled since as soon as we stopped she seemed to sleep better or maybe it is just a coincidece, but whatever it is I'll take it!
Plus waking up to a happy, smiling, well rested child after you have had a good sleep. Great feeling.

boppy love

So my child has a strange fascination/love of her Boppy. Anytime she sees it she tries to grab it and squeals with delight. She loves to stare at it and try and grab the flowers.
I still use it to feed her bottles and to prop her up when she is on the couch so she doesn't topple over. Seems like she is already showing a love of all things girly!

yummy yummy and 19 weeks

So Addison was so so about her rice cereal. She would eat some of it but really didn't seem all that interested. I actually didn't want to start with rice cereal but her pediatrician wanted us too so we did.
Clearly she is not to thrilled with the taste!
We tried 3 more days of rice cereal and formula and then decided to try out a stage 1 baby food. I picked butternut squash mainly because we had some from some friends and I had not had a chance to make her baby food yet.
The verdict. She LOVED it! She was opening her mouth as soon as she swallowed what I had put it there faster than I could get it on the spoon. I have now had a chance to make some of her food so after a few more days of butternut squash it is on to peas, bananas, avocado, apples and peaches. They are all made and waiting in the freezer. Hopefully she will like them as much as she does the squash.
Oh and isn't her high chair the coolest thing! I just love it! It is the Boon Flair.

first feeding

So we tried rice cereal for the first time yesterday. Of course we caught it all on camera.
She thought it was so so. She did swallow a little of it and she didn't turn away or make too horrible of a face so I would say it was a success. Her new highchair is arriving today and I can't wait to try her out in it! She has actually already had some stage 1 prunes to try and help with her constipation (we switched her to an organic formula and it is causing her to be stopped up) and she ate them so I sorta figured she would be fine with the rice cereal. I am excited to start making all of her food and seeing what she likes!

worst wakeup EVER!

Last night the little one slept really great! We put her down at a little after 9pm and at 7:49am I checked the video monitor (which I do MULTIPLE times throughout the night) because it was very unual to not hear from her for such a long time, and as soon as the picture popped up I though I was going to faint. One of my biggest fears had come true, she was FACE DOWN, swaddled against/between the mattress and her crib bumpers. I don't think I have ever moved as quickly to her room as I did this morning. I was so terrified that she would not be breathing when I got to her, that is on of the main reasons we got a video moitor so I could always make sure she was okay. Luckily she was fine when I got to her, and she had gotten her arms out of the swaddle, but she had not made a noise. I just happened to wake up and look at the monitor. I had just checked on her around 6:30 and she was perfectly fine. Talk about an early morning heart attack! We have been using a sleep positoner to help with her reflux (per doctors orders) and some how she had gotten over the sides of that so she really was pinned to the side of the crib facedown. Needless to say no more positoner and she will be lightly swadded so she can get her arms out (which she has done on every nap so far today). Not a good nap day since she keeps slapping herself and waking herself up. We also got her a breathable bumper so I don't have to worry about her not being able to breath against the bumper but her hands and feet will stay in the crib. I think it is going to be a long couple of days/nights until she gets use to having her arms/hands out to sleep.
This is what her crib use to look like. This is the sleep positoner that she somehow got over and was between.

Her crib now with no sleep positoner and a breathable bumper to keep her safe and keep her little arms and legs in the crib!

18 weeks

This is what 6am looked like in my house this morning!

Addison had her 4 month appt. and shots this week. The shots were NO FUN. She got 3 shots, 2 in one leg and 1 in the other and then an oral vaccine. The screaming that comes with shots is such a horrible sound! Luckily my mom was visiting so she was there too. My hubs always has to work when she gets her shots so I am always stuck doing it alone. Poor little baby. She did well afterwards, no fever and not particularly extra fussy or anything. Her little (or not so little) legs are red and swollen where she got the shots though. She is HUGH now! Funny considering the first month of her life we were concerned about her lack of weight gain.
weight: 17.5 lbs (98th %)
height: 25.5 inches (89th %)
head 17.25 inches (97th %)
See HUGH!!!! I love my little chunky monkey!