4 month letter

My dear little boogerhead,
You are now 4 months old! So much has happened/changed this month. You have become such a happy, active, funny, BIG girl. You have developed so many new tricks this month. You are now sucking on your thumb. Not all the time but you are defiantly sucking it purposefully. It started out as "shove your fist/fingers as far into your mouth as possible" and then moved to sucking one or two fingers to now your thumb. You don't suck it at night but that is probably because you are still swaddled. I'm sure you will as soon as you can.
You laugh and smile all the time now. All we have to do is look at you and you will give us a huge grin and sometimes even a big ole laugh. You are also really ticklish around your neck especially when Mommy is dressing you or putting your lotion on after a bath. You have a cutest little dimples on both cheeks when you laugh or smile. So adorable!
You are now exclusively in cloth diapers all the time. It is going well. We had the normal learning curve of a few leaks and figuring out what kind works best for you. Right now we are having a little bit of a stink problem, Mommy is going to try some new soap to get rid of it. Otherwise we are loving cloth diapering.
You are going through a Mommy only phase right now. You still won't let Daddy put you down to sleep at night. You let him do a few naps, but nighttime is still a NO GO! We are going to give it a little while and try again. Lately trying to let Daddy do it has been even worse and then it makes it even harder for Mommy to put you down so you win. Mommy is going to do it so we don't have to deal with the screaming.
We had some issues with you eating recently. You decided you didn't want to eat as much during the day and then woke up quite a few times during the night screaming to eat. It took Mommy a while to figure it out (Mommy learning curve) but we finally realized you needed a bigger nipple. So now you are on level 2 and doing great! Mommy should have known, since that was one of the big problems with breastfeeding, you would get annoyed and just give up and then be hungry 5 minutes later. Hopefully it won't take Mommy 3 times to learn.
You have your 4 month appt. on Monday so we will see how big you have gotten. You are in 3 to 6 month clothes, even some 6-9 month but I think that is because of the cloth diaper butt! I am guessing 16+ lbs and at least 25 inches. We will see.
You have started showing interest in your feet but you haven't quite figured out how to pull them up and grab them when you are laying on your back. You can grab them when you are sitting on someone's lap. You also have been rolling over from belly to back but only when you want to. I guess you are just stubborn. You got that honest!
You have started rubbing the hair off the back of your head when you are sleeping since you like to move your head from side to side while you sleep. Hopefully you wont rub it all off! Mommy cant wait til you can roll over both ways so you don't always have to be on your back to sleep.
You are becoming such as little person. You definitely have your own personality that is coming out more and more every day. Mommy and Daddy cant wait to see how you will continue to grow and change. We love you so much and are so lucky to be your parents!
Love you my little boogs!

Photo challenge: Whoops

So I have 2 pictures for this weeks challenge (not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing considering the topic).

This is at my bridal shower (yes I had it at the yearly fair, don't judge). This is what happens when you try to take a moving picture in the wrong camera setting. Oh by the way this is my sister riding the mechanical bull.

And this is what happens when you try to squat down to take a picture of a very happy puppy who then runs at you full force. Right after the picture was taken I was clobbered by said happy puppy!


17 weeks

Photo challenge: WOW

Mama and the Dudes photo challenge: WOW

So this is at a race track (Churchill Downs) my husband and I went to on our honeymoon. This was the last race we saw, well because we saw this. The horse clearly broke his front leg and even though it was horrible to watch, I wanted to capture what happened. However as soon as they had him in the ambulance I had to leave. This defiantly ruined the horse racing experience for me.

Sleep training seriously?

So I read a post from a fellow blogger that I follow about how she "sleep trained" her 3 month old. I have to say I was reading her method with my hand over my mouth pretty much the whole time. I am pretty sure she doesn't read my blog but even if she did I can't help but comment about what I read. She said that she decided it was time for her daughter to start sleeping through the night (she is MAYBE 3 months old) so she decided to "sleep train" her. According to this method you put your child down at night and just leave them no matter how much/hard/long they cry and scream. *blink blink* Are you kidding me. She said her daughter cried for 2 hours. 2 straight hours. She even said she turned her tv up to drown out the screams. Let that sink in a minute. She turned up her tv to drown out her child screaming for 2 hours straight. A 3 month old. I could not IMAGINE doing that to my daughter for even 15 minutes let alone 2 hours. I don't care that the end result is her child sleeping through the night. She did this for 3 nights straight. I can only imagine what that poor little baby was thinking. That she had been abandoned. Aren't we suppose to foster trust in our children? That when they cry we will come and make it better. It is not like babies cry for fun. There is a reason they are crying. It is the ONLY way they can communicate their needs to us and it is our job to tend to those needs. I know when Addison cries at night there is a reason she is crying, she is hungry, she needs to be changed, she needs to be burped because her belly hurts. The other night I was so frustrated with Addison she was up crying multiple times and I could not get her to go back to sleep (I usually leave her in her crib and just reinsert paci or pat her to try and get her back to sleep if it is not time to eat). This night she was having none of it so I finally picked her up after 2 times of patting and paci. As soon as I put her over my shoulder she spit up. After that she went right to sleep. Her tummy was hurting and she needed to spit up. What would have happened if I would have just let her cry? She was clearly in pain. I am just appalled at this "method" of baby training.
Enough of that fun topic. I don't remember if I have shared any of Addison's baby pictures so here is one of her from the hospital. AWWW she was so little.

16 weeks

Say hello to our little thumb sucker, yep she has found her thumb and loves it! She tries to jump and suck at the same time, recipe for disaster.

Cloth diapering adventures

SO we decided to go with cloth diapering. For a few reasons. They are so freaking cute, so many patterns and colors and designs. Once I started using disposable diapers I HATED the way the diapers smelled and the weird gel stuff that was left on Addison's skin. Plus once I found out I didn't have a job anymore (suck it MUSC) I figured I would have plenty of time to wash them and the savings in diapers would help out since we were losing one income. Of course we also wanted to help the enviroment out (not to mention I felt really guilty for not being able to breastfeed so in someways I feel cloth diapering is making up for that, Crazy? maybe a little.) So far it has been so much easier than I actually thought it would be. Even the hubs is on board (granted he doesn't really have to do much). I started out doing some research on the best brands, types, styles, cost effectiveness and overall best value. I decided to try out 3 different kinds of cloth diapers. When you first start doing research it can be overwhelming. The terminology and different kinds can be hard to wrap your head around. Here is what we started out with.
gDiapers Little gPants with both cloth and disposable inserts. Hybrid style diaper.
Grobaby (now known as GroVia) shells with snap in cloth liners and booster pads. Also a hybrid but not the same as gDiapers.
Fuzzibunz perfect size pocket diapers with cloth inserts. Pocket cloth diaper style.
Most of these diapers I got on great sale! The gDiapers and Grobaby were both 1/2 off for the starter set I bought (now I know why but I will explain later) and the Fuzzibunz I got off of Ebay to try out.

The gDiapers are what is considered a hybrid diaper. They can be used with both a cloth insert and with a earth friendly disposable option. They have a cotton outer layer and a snap in plastic shell that you put the inserts in. They come in 3 sizes. These were the first diaper I bought thinking that the disposable option sounded great. Plus the website said you could just reuse the shell and liner and just replace the insert when it was wet or soiled. My take on these diapers, THEY SUCK. Period. They leak, the plastic liner stretches out and does not contain messes at all, the plastic parts rub Addison's legs and back. The Velcro and elastic around the belly has to be tight to keep the pants up and it looks like it is cutting into her belly. The worst part is that she gets these huge red marks anywhere the plastic liner touches her skin (even disposables never did that to her). Needless to say these diapers are NEVER used in this house. I can not get rid of them fast enough. Ebay here we come, because apparently some people actually love these things.

Grobaby is the next diaper we purchased. It is a one size shell with a snap in cloth pad and comes with a extra smaller booster pad for heavy wetters. Supposedly you can just reuse the shell and snap in a new cloth liner as long as the shell is still clean and dry but this has never been the case for us. This diaper is so so in my opinion. It is VERY bulky, even with just the one snap in liner. It does hold a good amount of urine which is why we use this diaper mainly at night. I have had a few small leaks but overall it does a pretty good containment job. However this is not a true one size diaper in my opinion. My little one is only 14 lbs and we are already using the full size diaper with no shortening of the rise with the snaps. There is no way this diaper will last us to potty training. The inserts also take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to dry. Like 2 or 3 cycles in the dryer each time I wash then and these are the only inserts I have that seem to hold a slight ammonia smell after they have been soiled. They smell fine coming out of the wash but as soon as pee hits them they get a ammonia smell. Not sure how long these will last in our diaper stash.

Last but definitely not least are the Fuzzibunz diapers. These are one of the most popular diapers on the market and now I know why. These diapers rock my face off!!!!!! I LOVE them! The snaps, the fleece liner, the pocket, the elastic..... I could go on and on. I even have the old school pointy tab kind and I still love them. These are a pocket diaper. They come in sizes and have a opening at one end that you stuff a cloth liner into. I love them for many reasons. They are the trimmest diaper we have used. They stay in place without having to be so tight so they don't leave red marks on Addison's skin. Speaking of her skin the only thing that touches it with these diapers is super soft fleece. Did I mention no red marks. The come clean even with nasty poo and I have not had any leaking issues or smelling issues with them. Plus they have snaps instead of Velcro or Aplix as it is called in cloth diaper terms. I love them so much I ordered the brand new one size diapers along with some of the perfect size diapers like the ones we already have. I can not even express how much I love these diapers! I have a feeling my entire stash will end up being Fuzzibunz.

I have also purchased one of the new Bumgenius 4.0 one size diaper with snaps (thank you Bumgenius for putting snaps on your diapers). I am thinking I will love these too but I will let you know once we use then a little.
So far that is my cloth diaper experience. If you have any questions feel free to ask. And no I have never been given anything by anyone to review but if someone wants to send me some cloth diapers to try for my opinions please feel free. I would LOVE to give you my opinion for free stuff, who wouldn't?

Sleep time disaster

So we have a brand new (not so great) development. Addison has decided that she does not want ANYONE but me to put her down for naps or at night. Not even Daddy. Much to Mommies dismay. I guess I have been her primary caregiver since she was born. Especially since Daddy works weird hours and is gone at night a lot. I got to be the one who did most of the baby stuff. However it would be nice to have a break from some of it when possible. My Hubs has put her down for a few naps (okay very few) and has put her down at night for bed. When she was younger he would read her a story and rock her to sleep no problem. Of course it was never consistent since he works 4 nights in a row and then is off and then 4 days in a row. BUT she was never as bad as she is now. I mean when he tries to get her to sleep she screams. I mean mad at the world, someone is trying to murder me, screaming so loud that she stops breathing and turns red and then starts coughing and hacking mad. When it gets to that point what can I do but go in an calm her down? I can't let her continue to scream like that. He has tried putting her down the same way I do and he has tried doing it his own way and she will have none of it. She will be quiet for a few minutes and just when you think all is well she starts screaming again. She has never been that bad for me and usually as soon as I go in and take her she calms down and goes right to sleep. He got her to sleep one night while he was off this week but I think she was so tired she didn't care who was putting her to sleep. She fussed a little but it didn't take too long. The other 3 nights SCREAMING until Mommy rescued her.
I guess I should feel special since she so clearly prefers me to do everything for her (and I do love the fact that she clearly knows me and what me over everyone) but it would be nice to be able to have that free time at night to get stuff done and it would be great if Addison and Daddy could have a little nighttime routine.
Don't get me wrong she loves her Daddy and they play and cuddle and he feeds her and changes her, she just will not go to sleep for him
Has anyone else ever had this problem? Please tell me that it gets better. I feel like I can never leave her now since she takes so many naps and she will only go to sleep for me so I can't leave her with Daddy for nap time for the fear that she won't nap for him (and not napping is a disaster in this house).
Any Ideas???

15 weeks

I think I have decided to stop doing full weekly updates and save those for monthly updates. I will still post pictures for her weekly milestones though.
We are now on day 3 of all cloth diapering. I will post an update about it soon. So far it is going pretty good!

Playing in her new Johnny jumper. Took her a few times to get use to it but now she seems to like it. She always has her head cocked to the side it this though.

Meeting her cousin for the first time.

Meeting her Great Granny for the first time.

14 weeks

Happy 14 weeks my little boogerhead. Mommy has been behind this week about your update. No real reason, just lazy and not really up to getting on the computer and typing it all out.
So this week you rolled over for the first time from tummy to back. You did it twice when Gamma was over to visit. She was very excited to get to see this milestone. Mommy tried to get it on video (didn't work) but she did manage to snap some pictures. HOWEVER since the first 2 days you rolled you have refused to do it again. As soon as Mommy puts you on your tummy you start screaming. Oh well I guess you will do it again in your own time.
You have this funny habit of rubbing the insides of your feet together really hard. You do it when we are holding you or when you are in your jumpy seat and especially when we are putting you to sleep for a nap or at night. If you continue to do this your going to end up with callouses on the insides of your feet.
You really really like to lay on your changing table and stare out the window at the big pecan tree that is in our back yard. You will lay there forever and watch it. To bad it is 100 degrees outside or Mommy would take you out and let you lay in the grass and stare up at the tree.
Maybe this is why you don't mind diaper changes or getting dressed or undressed. You actually think getting dressed is hilarious and your giggle when Mommy pulls you arms in and out of your outfits or when something is pulled over your head. Makes Mommy giggle right along with you.
You love to give whoever gets you up in the morning a big smile but lately when Mommy goes in to get you you have started adding a snort or 2 in with the smile. So funny!
You have started putting everything you can in your mouth. You favorite thing to put in there is your index finger. You actually shove it so far into your mouth you make yourself gag but you continue to do this. Mommy is not sure if this is a precursor to thumb sucking (Mommy was a BIG thumb sucker) or if you are just going to stick with the index finger.
You still love to talk and now you have added yelling to the mix. It can get pretty loud and you tend to try and scream when your fingers are in your mouth. Mommy and Daddy just sit back and enjoy the show and laugh right along with you.
So Daddy has started putting you down at night. Mommy will admit this is one of her least favorite things to do. She has to do it 4 days a week when Daddy is at work so it is nice to get a break when Daddy is home. However you give him a run for his money a few times and it took him 45 minutes to get you asleep. I guess you are just use to how Mommy does it.

With lots and lots of love,
Mommy and Daddy