One month (a few days late)

Her hair is really curly after a bath but then it straightens out. I wonder what it is going to look like?
Time flies when you are busy caring for a newborn! Plus we had a very busy last couple of days. Addison has now been in the world over a month. WOW it does not seem like that long ago, and yet she has changed so much! Here are some of the highlights from the past week
We are getting much better at the breastfeeding thing, thanks to a 2 hour session with the lactation consultant at the hospital I delivered at. She was great and helped us with the latching issues we were having on one side. My little eater was putting a very painful ridge in my nipple and that was causing it to crack and bleed (I know really really fun!) So now we are using a different hold and it is getting much better. She still tries to maneuver my nipple into the painful position every once in a while but I just reposition her. She is a stubborn little thing!
The thrush is finally going away. HOPEFULLY! The inter breast pain is mostly gone but the nipples have not completely healed yet. Hopefully all the treatments I am putting on them will clear it up.
I got a very painful abscess right beside my left breast under my arm and I had to have it drained today. HOLY CRAP did that hurt! Hopefully it will heal and I can be pain free all around. The doctor is not sure if it is related to breastfeeding or not but either way I hope I never get one of those again.
We had a house full of guests this weekend! My Grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin, his girlfriend and their 3 month old came to see us from NC on Sat. and stayed until Monday. It was great to see everyone but man is it tough juggling all of those people and a newborn. Not to mention my brother, sister and my mom were all over at my house too.

My aunt holding Addison

My Grandma holding Addison

Addison and her 3 month old cousin Sid.
As far as the sleeping at night it is going okay. Some nights are better than others. Some nights she will go to sleep at 10 or 11 and get up 2 times to feed (a good night) and then other nights she wants to fuss until 1 or 2 and is up every 2 hours to eat. Hopefully she will start to sleep a more normal routine and we can get into a dependable schedule.
She had her first diaper explosion this week. ALL over. Up her back out the leg holes. We had to throw her right in the tub. Then she did the same thing the next night. Luckily she has been contained since then. Man those were fun. At least breastfed baby poop doesn't smell to bad.
She FINALLY lost her umbilical cord. I thought she was going to hold on to that thing forever. Almost a whole month with it!
We have been getting out more. Going to do some shopping and we finally made it to Starbucks!
I left her for the first time at home and went up the street to the grocery store with my grandma. Of course right after a feeding and we were only gone about 30 min but it was a long time to me. Gosh it is hard to leave them.
We are taking a hiatus from pumping. Apparently nothing is wrong with me or the pump it is just a lot harder than you think and at least I don't get much at all to show for it. While I still have the thrush we can't save the milk anyway so we are not going to do it for a week or two.
She had a bottle of some of the breast milk I had pumped. She had no issues taking it and went right back on the breast. So hopefully no nipple confusion for this little one.

Addison with my brother and sister

3 weeks, thrush and cosleeping

Well baby girl it has been 3 weeks that you have been in this world. What a big change it has been for all of us. The first 2 weeks were definitely a blur! Babies are a lot of work. Just this week I feel like I have everything sort of under control. Sort of. We weathered daddy going back to work, luckily I had my sister to come over and save my sanity on the days when you refused to sleep at night and mommy thought she was going to lose it. Just in the last 4 days you have decided to actually sleep at night. Anywhere from 11 to 2 you actually fall asleep and wake up just for feeding and then go back to sleep. It is glorious! Mommy actually feels somewhat normal and rested during the day and she feels like most of the time she is going to survive. Daddy goes back to work on nights tonight so hopefully you will continue this trend of sleeping at night. Last night was a bit of a setback since you didn't want to go back to sleep after your first feeding but you eventually settled down.
You had your 2 week dr appt yesterday and you are an inch longer and gained a few ounces above your birth weight. You head is also an inch bigger! Unfortunately mommy was having pain while she was feeding you and the doctor realized that you and coincidentally I have thrush. Let me tell you it is not fun at all. It REALLY HURTS! You have medicine I have to give you and I have some I have to put on my breasts. Hopefully it gets better soon.
We also have started co sleeping. Mommy always said she would never do that. With all the info they throw at you about SIDS and how you can kill your baby by sleeping with them. However when we were going on a week of little to no sleep there is not much I was not going to try to get some sleep. You could appear dead asleep and as soon as I set you down in your pack n play you were up and screaming. So to save my sanity I tried laying down with you in the crook of my arm and you slept peacefully and for 3 and 1/2 hours. The longest stretch we had gotten yet. So there you have it. You win. We will deal with getting you back into your bed once we have a good nighttime routine down. Right now mommy needs rest more than she needs to struggle with getting you to sleep on your own. Hopefully the transition back to your own sleeping quarters won't be too bad.
We also attempted to start pumping. Disaster! I only got the tinest amount when I would pump and it was hurting. I think that was also the same time I was developing thrush so I have given up for the time being. Once the thrush is taken care of we will resume the pumping. I can't store any milk I would get now anyway since it could reinfect you with thrush. Hopefully it will go better when I start again.
All in all it has been a roller coaster 3 weeks. However we are so in love with you and we can't wait to see how you grow and change. It is amazing how fast you change. You seem to be able to see much better and you follow us with your eyes when we move around. You are staying awake more and you are definitely starting to show your personality.
I love you my little Addison!!!!

week two

We have made it intact through 2 weeks. It has not been easy at times but it has been so worth it! My husband is back at work so I am home alone with my little angel for 14 hours at a time and when he gets home he is so tired he eats and then needs to go to bed and get some rest. We had a few really bad nights where Addison simply wanted to eat ALL NIGHT LONG. I literally thought I was going to lose my mind from the sheer exhaustion and crying. Luckily last night she decided to sleep in 2 hour bursts so I got some sleep. Man having a newborn is hard work.
A few fun milestones she has reached.
~ She pooped on daddy for the first time a few nights ago. All down his shirt and all over the socks she was wearing. Note to self don't pick up a bottom naked baby!
~ A few days later she peed on daddy. Note to self perhaps daddy should learn a new way to change baby!
~ She spit up for the first time last night. I think it scared both of us a little since she had never done that.
~ She is the loudest pooper on the planet. The faces she makes and the noises that come out of her mouth are epic! Oh and the straining, priceless.

~ We had our first lunch out as a family when she was 10 days old. We went to a barbecue place it was great to get out and have everyone ohhhing and ahhhing over how darn cute she was
~ Her favorite place to be is nestled right on your chest. To bad it is hard to get anything done that way.
~ The bouncy seat is a lifesaver. She usually settles right down when she is in it. Usually....
~ We had to go buy newborn clothes since all of her clothes were too big on her.
~ She has her daddy's skinny little legs which I am so happy about! Hopefully no thunder thighs for her.
It is amazing how fast they change at this age. She looks so different than she did when she arrived or even from a week ago.

~ Addison has a blocked tear duct. Of course we raced her to the doctor when we saw the discharge but all we can do is massage her eye and keep it clean.

~ We took our first family walk on the one day that it wasn't 90 degrees outside. She slept the whole time.

~ One of my friends brought this to us. It matches her room perfectly and it was such a surprise! It will be a great heirloom for her to have when she is older.

Mommy trying to get a cute picture of her since I have not heard back from the photographer I had to do her newborn pictures. Hopefully she will respond soon.

Spending quality time with Grandma.

Happy birth/mothers day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. This is a special Mother's Day to me not only because of my new little bundle of joy but also because it is my 31st birthday today too! What a great day for Mother's Day to fall on! I hope everyone has a great day!

Birth story

I am going to attempt to write out my birth story. The beginning of the story is here if you missed it. I was in labor by the way. Right after I finished typing up that entry on the blog I decided I was really in labor and that it was time to alert the troops, AKA wake up the hubs and call my mom so she could get on the road and make it to our house before we headed into labor and delivery. That was a little before 5am. My mom of course answered on the first ring and after asking me a few questions determined that I was indeed in labor and she was going to hop in the shower and head out. I then decided to wake up Carlton since he was suppose to be going into work in about 1 hour I wanted to give him plenty of time to call in and not get in trouble. I walked into the room and told him that I was pretty sure we were going to be having a baby today. He was a little confused, he is not really a morning person, but he finally got what I was saying. It took him a little while to get out of bed and one of the first things he asked me is if he should go ahead into work and maybe I could call him and he could come home when it was time. I will blame that on sleep confusion. I calmly explained that no he was not going anywhere that I was clearly in labor and we would be heading to the hospital shortly. I explained to him that I had been timing my contractions and I had lost my mucous plug and my contractions were about 7 minutes apart. At that point he realized it was real. He started getting things packed and taking care of the dogs. My contractions were not really that painful at this point. I could walk through them and I was using my exercise ball to help also. I even managed to eat a little breakfast in between the pain. I was not tired at all even though I had been up all night, I guess it was the adrenaline. My mom got to our house between 7 and 8 and she just helped get everything ready and talk me through the contractions. They were getting closer together at this point, anywhere from 4 to 6 minutes apart and lasting for at least a minute. I wanted to labor at home as much as possible but I also needed to get to the hospital so I could get the antibiotics for the GBS. I decided to give my doctors office a call at 8:30 and they told me to come on in that they would check me and see if I could be admitted.
My doctors office is on the 3rd floor of the hospital where I was delivering so it was not a problem at all. We packed up the car with our bags and headed to the doctor. They got me back as soon as we got there and when the doctor checked me he said I hope you have your bags packed because your having a baby. I was 100% effaced and 3 cm. So off we went to L&D. I got checked in and changed into my hospital gown and answered about 1 million questions, my favorite of which was "Do you have a safe place to take your baby to once you are released from the hospital?" I had to ask her to repeat that one. The initial nurse I had I did not like at all. She was brash and not very friendly and just didn't seem to like her job. Luckily she was just the check in nurse and not my nurse for the labor. They got my IV started and drew blood and all that good stuff.

I was still able to get up and move around at this point. I was laboring standing and rocking in the rocking chair they had and moving around in the bed. The doctor that was going to deliver me came in at this point (around 10:30 or 11) and checked me. I was a 5cm but Addison was still hanging up high and they were concerned she might not want to come down. She decided she wanted to break my water and start the pitocin to get things moving a little more regularly. Breaking my water was not fun at all. She mentioned that it would start getting more painful and regular now. I had told them I wanted to labor without meds for as long as possible and see how it went. They said that was fine and as soon as I felt I needed something to call the nurse and they would get whatever I needed. They were great about letting you labor how you felt you needed to. Sometime between 12 and 1 the pain was getting really really intense. At one point it went from I can handle this to HOLY CRAP. I was holding on to Carlton for dear life and crying from the pain. I decided I couldn't do it and I needed an epidural. They called the anesthesiologist and he showed up to give me my epidural. He was a JERK! He walked in right as I was having a contraction and started asking me questions. I could not answer so Carlton started answering for me and the guy got an attitude and said I had to answer them so C said well you are just going to have to wait then. Anyway I got my epidural (it hurt btw!). I worked for about 30 minutes and then I started feeling the pain again. First just in one spot and then it quickly spread. The nurses thought maybe my bladder was full so they catheterized me. That didn't help at all. The pain was back full force so they called the anesthesiologist back in. Turns out he had my pump set wrong I was getting too low of a dose. He gave me a bolus and set the pump right and after that all was good in the pain department.

This was probably around 2 or 2:30. At 3 my nurse decided to check me. "Time to push" she declared. So we started pushing and after about 30 minutes she looked at me and said her head is right here. She also leaned over and whispered that she was glad she had come down she was a little concerned that she wouldn't. She told me she was calling the doctor and to only push about 50% until she got here. In came the doctor, the nursery staff and everything got going from there. I had my husband at one leg a nurse at the other, my mom, my mother in law and my sister were in the room. At this point I really didn't care who was there. We started pushing and the doc said she was going to "help me out a little" which I guess was code for give me a little cut. It went really fast from there. A few pushes and out she came screaming. They put her right on my chest and it was love at first sight! She was wide awake and as soon as she hit my chest she was quiet just looking around taking everything in. She stayed on my chest for a little while before they took her over to the warmer to check her out weigh her and get all her stats and then back on my chest. While they were checking her out the doctor was stitching me up and doing all that good post delivery stuff that is required. She came out with her hand up by her head so on top of the episiotomy I had a little tear. Maybe that is the reason she always has her hand up by her head in what daddy and I like to call her total baby domination pose. She is defiantly in charge. I got to keep her with me for almost 2 hours total before they took her to the nursery. We did some skin on skin and she breastfed for the first time. She has been a breastfeeding champ from the beginning. Not to say it didn't hurt like hell! It has gotten much better since the beginning but we are not 100% yet.

week one

This week has been a blur. I didn't really believe people when they said that having a baby changes everything. Well, it DOES! I couldn't come up with an appropriate title for this post because "holy crap what did I get myself into, and why did they let me leave the hospital with this 7 lb fully formed but completely helpless human being that I am now fully responsible for" was way to long and that is all I could come up with. Today Addison is 1 week old. I can't believe it has been that long. I have so much to catch up on with the blog and I haven't had time to read anyones blog so please forgive me for that. This post might get a bit random since I am trying to get everything that pops in my head out.
First, breastfeeding is HARD! Seriously i know people told me that it was painful and difficult and all that but again I didn't really know what I was in for. It hurt. bad! Toe curling, not breathing, clenching my whole body in pain bad. Of course the lactation consultant said it shouldn't feel that way but everyone I know that has breastfed said it did for them and it will go away. I am happy to report we got through it! Not before a few breakdowns, the worst of which happened in the hospital all be myself. I had sent my hubs home to rest and take care of our dogs and Addison decided that she wanted to feed straight from 9 pm to 1 am. I finally called for the nurse because I was losing it and when she walked in I was sitting in bed with tears streaming down my face and a screaming baby in my arms. I was so scared that she was just not getting any milk and I was starving my baby. The nurse assured me she was fine and just had a strong need to suck and suggested a pacifier. HORROR. Because of course all the books say never give them a pacifier before a few weeks because they will get confused and not want to take the breast anymore. I was however getting ready to mentally breakdown so I handed off my screaming baby and crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep. 3 hours later in walks in a nurse carrying a happy hungry baby who promptly spit out the paci and latched right on. If she is hungry she will not take a paci. If she is just being fussy and tired she takes it like a champ and falls right asleep. Crisis averted.
I also have nightly crying, worrying fits. First it was the breastfeeding. Then it was the diaper wetting. We went to the doctor on Friday after we got home and he asked me how many wet diapers she had had in the last 24 hours. Of course I have been writing everything down so I told him (2) and he looked a little shocked and said we would need to keep an eye on that and to come back at the beginning of the week. Cue panicked mother who has no freaking clue what she is doing. I freaked out. Luckily she has started wetting her diaper after every feeding, just like she is suppose to.
Last night was the first night she has actually slept at night. She had her day and nights confused and would be dead asleep all day and up all night wanting to eat more frequently and crying if you put her down or stopped paying attention to her. Luckily my mom has been here and my husband has been a life saver. He makes me nap and is so wonderful with her. I have been doing most of the night duty just because she wants to eat ever 2 hours and it takes her almost 45 minutes to eat which doesn't translate into much time to nap. My mom and the hubs have been trying to keep her awake more during the day while I am catching up on sleep and last night it payed off! She nursed at 10:30 and then we decided to try an put her in the pack n play in our bedroom and see if she would sleep. She slept from 11 to 2 and I had to wake her to nurse then back down until 5:30. I almost started crying from the shear ecstasy when I awoke at 5:30 and realized I had gotten so much sleep at night. Of course putting her down that first time was nerve wracking. I cried on the hubs shoulder for a good 10 minutes and got up the check on her 5 or 6 times before I settled down to try and rest.
Okay I think my brain is going into overload and I need to get some breakfast so I am going to leave you with some pictures and write up some more later including the birth story.

Total domination as we call it. She came out of the womb with her hand up like this. I think she is telling us she is in charge. She does this anytime you mess with her.
Welcome to the world

Meeting daddy for the first time.

Coming home.

Dressed for the Derby! Notice the horse on the feet!

First bath. She did great she really liked it.
Hairy man arms.

Swinging and being checked on my Showtime.

Saying hello to Uncle John.

Allow me to introduce

Addison Hope Stoney
Born 4/27/2010 at 4:08pm weighing 7 lbs 7 ozs and 19.5 inches long.
16 hours of labor.
I will have to hash out the details later.
We are so in love and of course trying to get the hang of the new parenting thing. Sorry for the delay in getting an update.
Oh and btw she is the most gorgeous baby ever in existence!