Sleep time disaster

So we have a brand new (not so great) development. Addison has decided that she does not want ANYONE but me to put her down for naps or at night. Not even Daddy. Much to Mommies dismay. I guess I have been her primary caregiver since she was born. Especially since Daddy works weird hours and is gone at night a lot. I got to be the one who did most of the baby stuff. However it would be nice to have a break from some of it when possible. My Hubs has put her down for a few naps (okay very few) and has put her down at night for bed. When she was younger he would read her a story and rock her to sleep no problem. Of course it was never consistent since he works 4 nights in a row and then is off and then 4 days in a row. BUT she was never as bad as she is now. I mean when he tries to get her to sleep she screams. I mean mad at the world, someone is trying to murder me, screaming so loud that she stops breathing and turns red and then starts coughing and hacking mad. When it gets to that point what can I do but go in an calm her down? I can't let her continue to scream like that. He has tried putting her down the same way I do and he has tried doing it his own way and she will have none of it. She will be quiet for a few minutes and just when you think all is well she starts screaming again. She has never been that bad for me and usually as soon as I go in and take her she calms down and goes right to sleep. He got her to sleep one night while he was off this week but I think she was so tired she didn't care who was putting her to sleep. She fussed a little but it didn't take too long. The other 3 nights SCREAMING until Mommy rescued her.
I guess I should feel special since she so clearly prefers me to do everything for her (and I do love the fact that she clearly knows me and what me over everyone) but it would be nice to be able to have that free time at night to get stuff done and it would be great if Addison and Daddy could have a little nighttime routine.
Don't get me wrong she loves her Daddy and they play and cuddle and he feeds her and changes her, she just will not go to sleep for him
Has anyone else ever had this problem? Please tell me that it gets better. I feel like I can never leave her now since she takes so many naps and she will only go to sleep for me so I can't leave her with Daddy for nap time for the fear that she won't nap for him (and not napping is a disaster in this house).
Any Ideas???

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