14 weeks

Happy 14 weeks my little boogerhead. Mommy has been behind this week about your update. No real reason, just lazy and not really up to getting on the computer and typing it all out.
So this week you rolled over for the first time from tummy to back. You did it twice when Gamma was over to visit. She was very excited to get to see this milestone. Mommy tried to get it on video (didn't work) but she did manage to snap some pictures. HOWEVER since the first 2 days you rolled you have refused to do it again. As soon as Mommy puts you on your tummy you start screaming. Oh well I guess you will do it again in your own time.
You have this funny habit of rubbing the insides of your feet together really hard. You do it when we are holding you or when you are in your jumpy seat and especially when we are putting you to sleep for a nap or at night. If you continue to do this your going to end up with callouses on the insides of your feet.
You really really like to lay on your changing table and stare out the window at the big pecan tree that is in our back yard. You will lay there forever and watch it. To bad it is 100 degrees outside or Mommy would take you out and let you lay in the grass and stare up at the tree.
Maybe this is why you don't mind diaper changes or getting dressed or undressed. You actually think getting dressed is hilarious and your giggle when Mommy pulls you arms in and out of your outfits or when something is pulled over your head. Makes Mommy giggle right along with you.
You love to give whoever gets you up in the morning a big smile but lately when Mommy goes in to get you you have started adding a snort or 2 in with the smile. So funny!
You have started putting everything you can in your mouth. You favorite thing to put in there is your index finger. You actually shove it so far into your mouth you make yourself gag but you continue to do this. Mommy is not sure if this is a precursor to thumb sucking (Mommy was a BIG thumb sucker) or if you are just going to stick with the index finger.
You still love to talk and now you have added yelling to the mix. It can get pretty loud and you tend to try and scream when your fingers are in your mouth. Mommy and Daddy just sit back and enjoy the show and laugh right along with you.
So Daddy has started putting you down at night. Mommy will admit this is one of her least favorite things to do. She has to do it 4 days a week when Daddy is at work so it is nice to get a break when Daddy is home. However you give him a run for his money a few times and it took him 45 minutes to get you asleep. I guess you are just use to how Mommy does it.

With lots and lots of love,
Mommy and Daddy

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Moni said...

very cute...my son was the same way. He was sucking his thumb in the ultra-sound and all the way until he was 3.
We then just thought we would give up; I figured he isn't hurting anyone and that was his security blanked. Then I asked his doctor about it and he told me all the bad things that can happen as far as his teeth are concerned & its stops your chin development!

He told me to look at adults with no chin form and that most likely means they sucked the them...

So I searched online and found these pair of gloves...he loved wearing them & after a couple of months he has stopped sucking his thumb!

Here is the site in case anyone else is looking

Stop Thumb Sucking