Hands and knees clean

I have to take a minute to brag on my DH. Because of my pregnancy, and well because I can get lazy overall and it is a good excuse, I have been letting my housework fall to the side a little. Okay a lot. Like if you came over to my house to see me we would stand on the front porch and talk because I was embarrassed for you to see how my house was looking. The hubs has been pretty understanding when he gets home from work after a 12+ hour shift and I am propped up on the couch watching reruns of Jon and Kate Plus 8 or Cake Boss or some other mindless entertainment, mostly of the TLC variety. I have been meaning to get to it, but it just doesn't happen. Well, I walk in last night after work with visions of couch time dancing in my head and as soon as I open the door I am hit by the most amazing smell, CLEAN! Haven't smelled it in a while but I recognize it instantly. I go in search of the source of the smell and I find my DH on his HANDS AND KNEES scrubbing the baseboards! Angels were singing above his head! My entire house was cleaned top to bottom, fans, baseboards, walls, pictures everything. It was GREAT! Not to mention I have a guest coming to stay this weekend and I was contemplating putting a tent in the back yard and having a camping weekend, that is how bad the house was looking. Do I feel guilty that he did all this work, a little. But mostly I am just so freaking excited that my house is clean and I don't have to do it!!!!!

fetal fruit, or Judas this week.

Yep its true, I am going to compare my little nugget to a piece of fruit. Weekly. Be prepared.

Your fetus is forming teeth and vocal cords... savor this, their non-functional phase. Baby is approaching normal proportions, with a head now only one third the size of the body. Intestines are in the process of moving from the umbilical cord to baby's tummy.

So that is what is going on inside Judas, now to what is happening on the outside.

13 weeks. WooHoo. Oh and the pants in this picture. Yeah those are maternity pants. Specifically the ones with the big ole elastic belly that goes up to your boobs that one of my friends insisted were the most comfortable things on the planet. Yea, well she lied!! I had to have my DH bring me another pair of pants to work (the kind with just the band) because I was walking around work holding my pants up like a sagging preteen. I sent a text message to said friend that told me about the wonderfulness of the pants and apparently she could not stop laughing. Sad just sad. Guess I need a little more belly to rock the boob band.

Goodbye Lukas Ethan

Please head over to one of our blogger friends Elisabeth and show her your love and condolences. She lost her dear baby boy Lukas Ethan on Thur night. Please pray for her and her family during this very difficult time.

swine flu.......... vaccine that is!

Yep I got my Swine flu vaccine today, I mean the H1N1 vaccine, I know they would prefer for us to use the correct term. I have to say my arm HURTS!!!! Plus the nurse that gave it to me, lets just say I don't really care for her. She is new and, in my humble opinion, not very good. Plus as soon as I was called back she looked at me and said, "Weren't you just in here, why didn't we give the vaccine to you then?" I just looked at her and then she said "Oh I guess I forgot to ask you." I wanted to slap her, I mean I had to be late to work and drive out of my way because she "forgot" to ask me? Really! I really hurt when she gave me the vaccine and a bunch of it was leaking out of my arm. I better not have gotten a needle in my arm for no reason.

Our dog Bossman is getting sick again :( We noticed on Sat. that his abdomen started to swell again so my DH was putting a call into the specialist today to see when we can bring him back in to get the fluid pulled off of his heart. I feel so bad for him. I mean he is acting pretty normal but being a little more clingy and not eating as well as he normally does. Hopefully that can get him in soon!

On a funny note I have been meaning to share this funny story and keep forgetting. A little background, we live on a dead end street with only 10 or so houses on our road. The first few houses at the beginning of the road are full of either young families or families with teenagers and they seem to be the "hangout" houses for all the friends. So pretty much any time you pull down our street there are little kids or teenagers hanging out in the road (not to mention the parents generally with a beer in hand). So my DH was driving home from work one day and went to turn down our road to come home. As he was starting to turn he decided to turn down his radio and when he reached down to turn the radio down he noticed all the teenagers standing in the road. He has a stick shift so he quickly pulled his hand away to shift and accidentally turned the radio up LOUD. Now that is not so funny in and of itself but on the radio at that very moment was the new Miley Cyrus song "Party in the USA". All of the teenagers heard him jamming very LOUDLY to Miley and they all started cracking up!! He quickly turned it down but I just think that is the funniest thing, especially if you know my DH! Just had to share that super embarrassing moment!

Almost 13 weeks!!!!! 12w 5d! Morning sickness and exhaustion still going strong!

baby bump, 12w1d

I figured it was time to start picture comparisons, I mean since I have been taking pictures every week since we found out we were expecting. My mother had very detailed baby books for all of us and I want to do my children the same justice she did to us. I just get such a kick out of reading all of her letters that she wrote to me about when I was in utero and once I came out. It is really neat to have a history of that since I certainly don't remember it! I guess the next step is to actually go to the store and buy a book to keep all of my memories in. So anyway here is a little picture comparison.

This is 7 weeks

This is 12 weeks

I definitely feel bigger especially after I eat! I can also feel my uterus right above my pubic bone and I think the little nugget is having so much fun pushing all of my pre baby fat as far up as possible, so it looks like I am carrying right under my boobs! I mean by no means was I a small girl before (ha) but now all of my extra weight is centered right below my boobs, really not flattering at all!

I also decided it would be fun to do this pee in a cup gender test that I found called Intelligender. Just for fun of course, since most of the people I know that have done it have gotten the wrong results.

BOY! I guess we will know how correct this is sometime the middle of December.

I still haven't officially "announced" that we are expecting again. I have started telling people and we have told family. For some reason I am just hesitant to put it all out there. This is not like me at all! I am really very excited to tell, but for some reason the thought of a big Facebook announcement just doesn't make me as excited as I thought it would (or as excited as it did the last go round with Peanut). I don't know if it is because I am concerned that people won't care. Yep, I want people to jump up and down with excitement for my Nugget, and why shouldn't they! I don't really care if that is selfish. I did send a Facebook message to all of my family and out of all the family I have on Facebook only 4 responded. FOUR! I have to say I was pretty hurt by that! Of course these are also the people that never acknowledged when I miscarried Peanut. I think that is my main misgiving about it. I want people to acknowledge that this is my 2nd baby and not my first. I don't want people to forget Peanut. It doesn't matter to me that I only carried Peanut for 9 weeks. Hopefully people won't disappoint me.

12 week appt, and Rainrot!!!!

I had my 12 week appt today it started off a little rough! We got to our appt and had all of the normal appt things, pee in a cup, weight (up 1/4 lb), blood pressure (up a little also I am sure because of the stress). Then the nurses decided they were going to try and hear little Nugget's HB with the Doppler. So both of them tried and tried and tried while I got more and more stressed the more time that went by. One of the nurses did look at me and said that she can get it but not keep it enough to tell how fast it was. Did I believe her, not for 1 little minute. I figured they are taught to tell you that so you don't freak out. To late for that. SO then they go get the ultrasound machine so the doctor can do a ultrasound and look at stuff that way. It took another 30 minutes, yep 3 0 minutes for the doctor to come it. The longest of my life, I assure you. Well the doc asked me how I was feeling, nervous and not so good thanks for asking, lets just get this show on the road. In goes the wand and up pops the Nugget!!!!!

Such a relief! All is well, we saw the legs and arms and all the normal, suppose to be there, body parts! You can even see the bones starting to form in the arms and hands in the profile picture. Too cool!

My next appt is in 1 month, and we already have the BIG ultrasound scheduled for December 16th. I can't think of a better Christmas gift!!!
My horse who has been on Dex for his skin condition has now come down with Rainrot! Gross!!!! It is a really nasty looking skin infection, but I am assured that it looks worse than it feels, and everyone tells me the treatment is more painful than the actual condition. I am going out on thur. to give him a good bath and put his treatment on. It has been so cold that I am going to wait until then since it will be 80 on thur. I will try to remember to take a picture so you all can see. Poor Obie!

Wave of Light Thur 10/15/2009

Please everyone remember tonight at 7 pm to light a candle for at least 1 hour for the International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I know that I will be lighting a candle for my little peanut in remembrance and for all of those that have had a miscarriage or stillbirth or infant loss. I will be remembering all of my blog friends that have had a loss and saying a prayer for all the lost little ones. This is a day for us all to reflect and remember the lives that touched us.
For Mo and Will, Almost A Mother, Michele and Peter, Meegs and Trav, Sara, Kristy, Tina and Hutch, Amazing Tales of Reproduction, Stacy, Megan, Katie, Lindsay and Kenny, Nichole, Brooke and Joe, Dooce, Sprogblogger, and for all of the others that I failed to mention I will be thinking about all of you today and for all of your little ones that are so missed and loved!


I am almost to the end of my first trimester. I can't believe it. I have to say I have been feeling worse these last few weeks and it seems to be getting worse the closer I get to the 2nd trimester. I did finally get it my maternity clothes I ordered and most of them worked out. I am going to have to send one pair of pants back for a different size. I have to say the pants make my stomach feel much better! We should wear these things all the time! Can't wait until my next appt on Monday, as long as all is well during that appt we are going to announce the wonderful news. This is both super exciting and super terrifying. If the way I feel is any indication then all is well with the Nugget! We got our first big ticket baby item. My mom ordered me a stroller that I really wanted. I have some good friends that have the exact stroller and they were telling me how great it was so I had to have it! It is suppose to get here today. Yea for presents and excited grandparents!!!!

I also finally got the results back from Obie's biopsy. Turns out the lump is just fat. My horse is just fat. Good news. The theory is when he got kicked by another horse in the pasture maybe it loosened the muscles around that pocket of fat and allowed it to drop down into his abdomen. Since the fat deposit is right below where he was kicked. It was a pretty bad kick, and turned into a large pocket of edema that took almost 2 months to go down. It was right after the swelling subsided that we noticed the lump. No matter how it got there I am just glad it is nothing (well just fat).

The hubster and I decided that last weekend we were going to do something different, like actually get out of the house and do something, anything. I tend to be a homebody, and like nothing more than hanging out at the house, doing house stuff or just lounging. There was a festival in town, the Taste of Charleston, so we decided to head out to that and spend the day tasting food. Did I mention that this is also one of my favorite past times, eating! It was fun but it was blazing hot, 90 degrees to be exact with 1000s of people mingling and tons of different smells. Not the best idea for a very sensitive pregnant nose. Plus they ran out of water, yep water?! I mean really, they had tons of beer and soda but no water. Who is there right mind planned that one. The Taste started at 10:30 by 12 they had no water. Needless to say we didn't last very long we had some food and headed home where I promptly took a nice long nap. I also got sunburned... in the middle of October. Have I mentioned I would really like to move somewhere colder?

9w 6d still going strong!!!

Nugget is alive and kicking (or dancing actually). WOOHOO! I am so relieved it is not even funny! I think I have been holding my breath from the moment the second pink line came up until my appt yesterday. I was just waiting for something to go wrong. Whoosh. I can finally breath again. Nugget was moving around like crazy at our appt yesterday. It was possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. Arms and legs just pumping and big body movements. It is amazing the difference 2 weeks will make. Nugget is starting to actually resemble a baby and not a gummy bear. The doctor said everything looks great she even showed us the umbilical cord and you could see the blood just pumping in. We have now graduated to using the Doppler on our next visit in 2 weeks. I am very excited about this milestone. I really enjoy seeing Nugget on the screen but I am happy to move into the "normal pregnant person" mode!

Nugget at 9w 5d!
I am also going to go on a maternity shopping spree. I was not allowing myself to even think about maternity things until this last appt but now I am finally allowing myself to just be pregnant. Let me tell you my breasts and abdomen are going to thank me a ton! I have not gained any weight but I can tell my pants are a little snugger in the waist and it is making me feel a little queasy and sorta like a sausage in a to tight casing, and the boobs are starting to spill out of the pre pregnancy bras. No more muffin top bra!! Here we come comfy maternity waist bands!!!

Bittersweet 9w 2d

Word of the day today: Bittersweet. 9w 2d, the day in our last pregnancy that we found out the Peanut didn't have a heartbeat anymore. One of the worst days of my life, or maybe the worst. It was bad. Toady is difficult. I am trying to stay optimistic about this little Nugget. I guess you could say I still feel pregnant, but I really have not been having many pregnancy symptoms. No morning, afternoon or evening sickness, not even really any queasiness (maybe a little here and there but nothing major). I think that if we had not seen the heartbeat already I would swear up and down that I was not pregnant at all. I know I should be very thankful for this uneventful, easy pregnancy but for anyone that has had a miscarriage no symptoms equals constant worry.

I am having some pretty sore boobs but then that could just be the constant poking, pushing, squeezing and prodding I am doing to make sure they are still sore. Back pain is still my constant friend but that is thanks to my Costochondritis. Which is a big pain in my, well my back and chest. I acquired this lovely condition after a really nice fall off of a horse in college. Well technically it was a perfectly executed jump over a 3 foot fence, it just so happens the horse decided to stay on the other side of the fence and I landed flat on my back with a big concussion and the start of my Costochondritis. It can get really bad during pregnancy (or so Goggle has told me) and with stress. Who me stressed, pulease! Apparently all of the traditional treatments are only safe if you are not pregnant, so my flareups are now being treated with a heating pad which has become my constant companion.

Now it is just a waiting game until Monday afternoon when we get to see the Nugget again. I have not let myself get to excited about this pregnancy. I guess I am trying to save myself from any pain that might be coming my way. I sure hope this is not the case. Hopefully I have just been blessed with the easy, uneventful pregnancy that I was praying for. That I am still praying for. You can do it little Nugget for me!