Bossman update and visit to OB

So our dog Bossman has been very sick, which if you follow this blog you know. He has been to the vet quite a few times in the last 2 1/2 months or so. We found out that he has a tumor around his heart, surrounded by his pericardial sac, which in turn has caused him to develop Constrictive Pericardial Disease. At first the specialist said they did not think that surgery was an option for him. Then at our last visit they told us they felt he was a good candidate for laproscopic surgery to remove the pericardial sac so that the fluid that had been building up in the sac could drain into his chest and be reabsorbed in his body. That would at least give him a little bit longer and make him more comfortable. We decided to go with the surgical removal and took him in for his surgery. Because he is an older dog and because he has heart problems already his surgery was considered high risk. Turns out he did not do very will under anesthesia and his heart rate kept dropping very low and beating very irregularly. They had to stop the surgery early, and did not get as big of a window in the pericardium as they would have liked. He is home now and seems to be recovering well. Unfortunately they did some xrays the day after the surgery to see if the fluid was draining like it should, and to make sure it was not backing up in the lungs which can be a complication of the surgery. Turns out the doctor saw a spot on his lungs that looked a little suspicious, and now she thinks the tumor might have already spread to his lungs. This is very rare for heart based tumors to spread but there are a few that do. If this is the case (we take him back in 2 weeks for s recheck xray) there is not anything we can do. :(

His surgery sites. One was for the camera and the other two for the instruments.

He is actually very happy to be confined in the house for at least 2 weeks. He got to take over his sister's crate!
On top of this my mom's dog has been acting strange and losing weight. She has taken him to the vet a few times to have his checked out but the other morning he was really bad. She took him straight in and had a full workup done on him. It looks like he might have cancer of his spleen. So now she has an appt with the same specialist that did Bossman's surgery tomorrow morning to see what can be done for him. Not a good dog month in my house.
On a good note I had an emergency visit to the OB yesterday. Well emergency = not good. The good part was I got to hear the Nugget's good strong heart beat of 160! I went in for some back and abdomen pain I had been having. Turns out I pulled a back muscle vomiting and the abdomen pain is most likely stress related from all the dog stuff. But the Nugget is great!!!! Plus I moved my BIG ultrasound up to the 9th!!!!! I am so excited!!

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Elisabeth said...

this is so sad, I can't imagine Summer being sick I'll be thinking of you guys